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Free Plus Preview: Lightweight Lighting Gear For Travel Portraits

It’s been such a blast this month having Liz guest coaching and sharing her techniques and tips for studio and portrait work. Since she shared the gear she likes to use as well as how to approach using artificial light in her work. I decided to create this quick video to show you all some of the smaller lighting gear I like to take with me when traveling light. Links to the gear are below…

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Simple Lighting Setups

Once you’ve got equipment in your hands and you’re ready to shoot, how do you get started? It can feel intimidating to set-up lighting with no clue of what to do with it. In this video, I delve into some important terms to know about lighting and how to understanding lighting quality in your images.

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Live Q&A: Light & Composition

First an apology for the technical difficulties we had with the live Q&A session today. Comcast had an internet service problem in my studio’s neighborhood that struck 10 minutes before the broadcast. Murphy’s law in full force. For those of you who stuck it out THANK YOU. For those who couldn’t make it or understandably dropped out, I have good news for you.

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