Making The Best of A Shoot Gone Wrong

I’m just back from an epic 10 days with my family, photo gear and some kitesurfing friends on the Sea of Cortez. Excited to see a clear dawn forecast with a new moon rising over La Ventana Bay at blue-hour, I got up early one morning only to find an unexpected marine layer blocking it. In this video I’ll talk about how I try to shift photographic gears and work in new ways when things don’t go as planned. I’ll also talk about my strategies for balancing my passion for photography with enjoying my family when we’re all on trips like this.

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Finding Your Creative Vision

Join me for the third installment of my storytelling series. In this video, I’ll share with you the stages I experienced in my journey discovering myself as a photographer. And I will also reveal my approach to editing images that tell a story.

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Before & After Magic

Sometimes a great photograph can come from seeing the potential of a not so great photograph. This is not always an easy task. We take so many photographs that it can be easy to skip over images without a second thought. Today, I wanted to share a before and after from of our ON1 team members. You may have already seen my blog post with our in house photo competition we had last month themed, Spring/Floral. This photograph was one of our contest winners and belongs to, Jim (an engineer at ON1).  After we announced the winners he was kind enough to share the original image with a little back story on how he got to the fabulous end result.

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5 Ways to Spark Creativity with a Personal Project

As artists we all have a point where we hit a creative rut. This can come from photographing the same thing over and over again, or certain times of the year, slow season or you may just need to be inspired to create something new. Photography is always evolving not only as technology advances but also as styles and trends change. It is important that we all take some time to spark our creativity and refresh with a new set of eyes.

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ON1 Inspiration — My Ever Present Past (Behind the Scenes)

ON1 Plus Exclusive: Extending Your Shoot with an ND Filter. Join me on the Oregon coast for quick peek behind the scenes shooting for my latest ON1 Inspiration. Watch how I compose the seascape and learn how using a high-stop neutral density (ND) filter helps me extend my time shooting this awesome scene. I also share why I prefer using the histogram preview on my camera to fine tune my exposure compensation.

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What Photo Inspires You?

Pretty open ended question huh? I have an idea for an exercise, and I’d love to see a photo (yes, One photo – not a photographer) that inspires you. A photo that you wish you’d taken. If you don’t immediately know where to go to find a photo, try searching/browsing through or, or just do a google search. Just one photo though. Easy enough right?

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