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ON1 Short Clip — Using your own Textures and Borders

ON1 Effects ships with many amazing textures and borders, but you can also create your own and easily import them. I’ll show you how to import both textures and borders and use them to create a vintage poster effect.

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Free Borders & Textures Sample Pack – Partner Spotlight: Photomorphis

Another free sample pack from our award winning team of partners at Photomorphis! This new sample pack has 5 Textures and 3 Borders/Frames from their upcoming ON1 Photo Kit. If you missed the first sample pack, you can download it here. Both of these Sample Packs give you access to some of the creative elements inside of the upcoming ON1 Photo Kit: Expert Masking & Compositing in ON1 Photo RAW. Both Sample Packs are compatible with ON1 Photo 10 and ON1 Photo RAW!  Download a free sample pack below of textures and borders/frames to get a taste of what is now available for a limited time!

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ON1 Short Clip — Creating a Collage

Creating a collage gives you thousands of options and that makes them so much fun! Watch me show you the basics for creating a collage using ON1 Layers. In this video will learn how to access ON1 Extras, import your own creative elements, and build a collage with them. With ON1 Layers there are endless possibilities and it’s fast and easy to create something wonderful!

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Get Creative With Texture Blending

Texture blending in ON1 Layers is a simple yet powerful technique to give your photos an artistic flair. It’s a fun way to experiment and get creative with your photos. Ordinary photos can take on an entirely new look after blending a texture or two.

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Creating Textural Photo Composites

Watch Doug Landreth of Photomorphis create a rich textural composite using ON1 Photo 10. With the Layers masking tools he is able to replace the sky. Then in Effects watch him stack; Glow, HDR, Color Enhancer, Dynamic Contrast, Vignette & Texturizer filters to create his own unique preset.

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Using Borders and Frames with ON1 Photo 10.5

Watch me show how easy it is to find, adjust, and apply borders and frames using ON1 Photo 10.5.

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Using Textures with ON1 Photo 10.5

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