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Holiday’s are always a great form of inspiration. It gives everyone a good excuse to take photos inspired by the holiday. I really enjoy Red, White and Blue themed photos both at my studio as well as photographing my own family.  The fun color palate really inspires me, especially when I add in a couple cute kids.

We here at ON1 hope everyone has a safe and wonderful holiday!

BBQ, eat smores, enjoy sparklers, wear red, white & blue,  hug your loved ones, watch the excitement through a childs eye and take photos to capture each beautiful moment.

***If you are a plus member. Click HERE to add your favorite photos from your holiday event! I would love to see what inspired you or what you enjoyed most from your 4th of July celebration.

2 comments on “Red, White & Blue”

  1. On July 4, 2017 at 12:17 pm Adam Rubinstein wrote:

    Great photos and I especially liked the little one in the bow-tie. It’s too bad you couldn’t find a vintage wagon for those shots; you nailed the feel. Happy 4th!

    1. On July 4, 2017 at 3:40 pm Whitney Stevens replied:

      Thanks Adam…You are totally right on the vintage wagon. Ironically that wagon was just used to hold some props and gear in it. Someone hooked the flag on it and I saw an opportunity. So, out came the gear and I had my shot! Sometimes when we least expect it an awesome photo unfolds! I love it when those moments happen. Happy 4th to you!

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