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6 Different Photo Editing Styles to Try

There are virtually unlimited different ways to edit a photo these days, and it has never been easier to try new photo editing styles. Getting outside of your comfort zone and trying different editing styles is one of the best ways to improve your images and find new ways to edit your photos effectively. Whether you’re an experienced photographer who needs a creative reboot or someone still learning how to edit their photos, this guide will help you explore various editing styles for your photos in ON1 Photo RAW.

  1. Vintage
  2. Black & White
  3. HDR
  4. High Key
  5. Low Key
  6. Glow


Giving your photos an old fashioned look definitely has some nostalgia, and it is actually easier than you might think to recreate a vintage film photo look on your images. ON1 Photo RAW actually has a “Vintage” effect you can use to create a vintage photo editing style. Select the color you’d like to use or choose one of the presets, and then you can adjust the amount, saturation, and then add film grain as well. In just one single effect, you can make your photos look like they were shot on film!

Vintage Photo Editing Style

Black & White

For images where color is a distraction, look to a black and white photo editing style to bring the attention back to your main subject. In ON1, you can easily turn any photo into a black and white masterpiece with the “Black and White” effects filter. Once you select the filter, you can choose between presets or manually adjust the filter as you see fit in order to create amazing black and white images.

Black & White Photo Editing


HDR, or high dynamic range, is a technique where photographers take at least three different exposures that they can blend together later to expose as many details in the scene as possible. One exposure should be overexposed, one should be properly exposed, and the other should be underexposed, allowing both the brightest highlights and darkest shadows to keep their detail. You can easily combine the images together in ON1 HDR and then use the effect “HDR Look” in order to give your photos a high dynamic range photo editing effect.

HDR Photo Editing Styles

High Key

High key photography is when a photographer overexposes an image, making a very bright image that has minimal or no dark areas. This kind of photo editing style usually works best on images that already have a lot of whites, such as images of snow. Luckily, ON1 makes it easy to recreate the high key look on your photos, even if you shot your image properly exposed in the field. Simply open your image under the Develop pane, and increase the shadows slider to +100, the blacks slider to +30, and then adjust the exposure to make your image brighter as you see fit. As a bonus, you can try using the “Sunshine” effects filter on top to give your high key image a little extra glow.

High Key Editing Styles

Low Key

Just the opposite of high key, a low key photo editing style means your images will be very dark with very few highlights. This kind of editing style lends itself well to images with a single subject or a very interesting abstract image. To recreate a low key look on your images, it helps to start off with a dark exposure. In the “Develop” pane, reduce the shadows slider by -100, the blacks slider by -30, and then slightly increase the whites and highlights sliders. Adjust the exposure as you see fit. For an added effect, go to the “Effects” pane and select the Grunge effect. Then, pick the dark preset for a dark, grunge look to your images.

Low Key Photography Editing Style


Adding a glowing look to your images can work wonders when it comes to landscapes and portraits. This photo editing style can give your photos more depth and give them a warm, happy feeling, and this technique works particularly well on sunset or sunrise images. You can very easily apply this effect in ON1 under the “Glow” effect. Pick a preset, or adjust the sliders and make the perfect fit for your image. As you hover over each preset, the results are instantly shown on your image, allowing you to perfectly select the right glow for your image.

Glow Photo Editing Style

Explore New Photo Editing Styles with ON1

Trying out a different editing style is a great way to revitalize your creativity and create interesting and fun looking photos. ON1 is a fantastic software for trying out new photo editing styles, and using ON1 means you’ll be editing your photos non-destructively. This is great for photographers that want to try different styles but still have the ability to go back and adjust their edit, or remove the effect all-together. If your creativity needs a pick-me-up this winter, look to these different photo editing styles to help you create some amazing looking images!

FAQs About Photo Editing Styles

How Do I Choose a Photo Editing Style that Suits Me?

Choosing a photo editing style that suits you involves experimenting with different styles, understanding your personal preferences, and considering the message or emotion you want your photos to convey. It’s also helpful to look at the work of photographers you admire to gain inspiration.

Can I Combine Different Editing Styles in One Photo?

Yes, you can combine different editing styles, but it’s important to do so thoughtfully to maintain coherence in your image. Blending styles can lead to unique and creative results, but it requires a good understanding of each style’s characteristics and how they can complement each other.

How Important is Consistency in Photo Editing Style?

Consistency in photo editing is important, especially for building a recognizable personal or brand identity. However, it’s also important to allow room for experimentation and evolution. Balancing consistency with flexibility can lead to a more dynamic and adaptable approach to photography.