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May Photo Critique Videos

Hey everyone! Here’s the next round of photo critiques. A huge thanks once again. There were a TON of great photos submitted! Seriously, I think this was one of the best yet 🙂

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ON1 Photo RAW — A New Way to Work with Presets

If you’ve used ON1 Effects (or even Lightroom®) you understand the value of presets. Presets are used all the time whether you make some for yourself or import presets from others. Presets allow you to “wrap-up” your settings so you can use them again on other photos. Today presets are created at the module level, such as presets for Effects, or Enhance or Resize. You can view and apply these presets in the modules that created them or batch process with them.

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Introducing Guest Coach Nicole S. Young

I wanted to take a quick minute and introduce our guest coach for the next two weeks! The talented, and amazingly Nicole S. Young (AKA Nicolesy). You probably know Nicole from her website where she’s got awesome training and a ton of inspirational articles and photos.

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ON1 Photo RAW — Speed Preview

Matt Kloskowski shows a recent prototype for ON1 Photo RAW. Matt works on a 36 megapixel raw file and shows the speed of a few filters including; lens blurs, lens correction, and Dynamic Contrast. If you used ON1 Effects before, you can see new changes in how effects are adjusted lower in the stack without turning filters (higher in the stack) on or off.

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Shooting and Post Processing In Iceland

While I was in Iceland earlier this year I recorded some videos about what I was seeing and why I was photographing it. Here’s one of them I did while on the Iceberg beach (not the official name) 🙂

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Demystifying Sensor Size

I hear a lot of questions related to lenses and sensor size. What is the difference between Full Frame and APS-C (a.k.a. Crop Frame)? Can I use Full Frame lenses on APS-C sensors or vice-versa? If so, how does that affect my image? Is one size better than the other?  I’ve also heard and read some answers to these questions that either aren’t exactly accurate or are way too technical for most enthusiasts to enjoy. In this post I aim to simply answer these questions without getting too deep in the technical weeds.

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