New Product Announcement – ON1 NoNoise AI

We are excited to announce a new state-of-the-art application for image noise removal is coming this June. ON1 NoNoise AI aims to give better results than any other noise reduction application on the market today. The app will intelligently remove image noise by leveraging ON1’s AI-based machine learning to remove luminance and color noise while maintaining the ultimate amount of details in photos. It will separate itself from other noise reduction applications by producing ultra-fast results, along with recovering and enhancing an amazing amount of detail.

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ON1 Plus Photo Critiques open May 3

The May Plus Photo Critiques will open on Monday, May 3, and will close no later than the end of the day on Sunday, May 9, or once we reach out monthly critique limit. Plus members may upload a single photo as part of the group critique exercise conducted by Hudson and me.

Our goal is to talk about all submitted photos, and, as such, we are keeping the total number of submissions to approximately 40, so that we can give each submitted photo a proper critique. If you have been a regular contributor, and can wait a few days before submitting your photo, so newcomers get a chance, that would be wonderful.

The upload page for critiques is here.

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Webinar Preview – Breathe New Life into Old Photos

Once I began digitizing all my father’s slides using my makeshift lighting kit, I thought it would be such a great teaching moment. I came up with the lighting techniques for the slides, then photographed them, and then enhanced the images with ON1 Photo Raw. It’s a fun process I know a lot of you will appreciate.. You can read my previous post about what lead me to this here.

Make sure to register for my upcoming webinar here!

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ON1 Plus April Recap & What’s Ahead

We’re finally out of winter here in the PNW, and the spring air couldn’t feel better! We hope that wherever you are, you’re staying safe and enjoying your photography! In this post, we’ll talk about the latest exclusives coming to ON1 Plus, as well as our favorite releases from April.

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ON1 Photo RAW 2021.5 Webinar

New Upcoming Webinar – How To Breathe New Life Into Old Photographs

Nothing is more important than family. In March of this year, I took an emergency flight to the United States to see my younger sister, Donna. She was entering hospice care for colorectal cancer and I wanted to be by her side to support her. I live in Tokyo and this was my first time flying back to the States since the pandemic began.

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ON1 Photo RAW 2021.5 Announce

New Update – ON1 Photo RAW 2021.5 is Available

We have a new update for ON1 Photo RAW! The new version 2021.5, a free update for owners of version 2021, includes enhancements for faster workflows, new features, and a highly integrated plugin experience for Lightroom® Classic. Photo RAW will allow photographers to work with multiple photos, non-destructive editing, and enhanced batch processing capabilities between the two applications compared to other plugins.

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ON1 Photo RAW 2021.5

ON1 Photo RAW 2021.5 Splashscreen

Photographing on the Oregon Coast is always an adventure. You make the two-hour trek to the beach and hope for the best. Typically the biggest obstacle is the wind but at the Oregon Coast it can also be rain and cold even in the middle of summer.   My last trip to Manzanita, Oregon was for a series of Ballet dancers on the Beach. I teamed up with our local Ballet Studio for this adventure. We booked the trip in the middle of summer and yet the day we were to take photos it rained. As in poured down rain ALL DAY LONG. So much planning and organizing went into this and the rain through quite the wrench in our day. We held out though and waited until about 6 pm where we finally decided to give it a go so the day was not a complete waste. Armed with umbrellas we headed down to the beach.

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New In-Product Learning Hub

Coming in Photo RAW 2021.5 is the ability to watch our How-To tutorials right as you work in the app. You will also have access to Loyalty Rewards, and other helpful resources.

Version 2021 is a big release! Read about every feature we released in version 2021 and 2021.1.

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Using ON1 Photo RAW with Loupedeck

In ON1 Photo RAW 2021.5 (a free update we have coming soon) you will be able to set up Loupedeck to use in your Photo RAW editing. Loupedeck creates custom editing consoles for photo, video, and audio editing and design. I will supply you with my template and how I would use the controls, but it’s super easy to set up any way you want. Here is the link to download my profile.

Version 2021 is a big release! Read about every feature we released in version 2021 and 2021.1.

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