How to Edit Action Photography

Easily edit action photos using ON1 Photo RAW. Setting the overall tone for your action photos is important especially if they are a little underexposed. Once the tone and color is set for your photo, you can use your crop tool to make sure whatever is doing the action is the main subject of your frame. After setting the tonality and cropping, head into Effects to start adding creative filters to your action shot.

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Traveling Light in Greece

After weeks of professional travel, I recently took a family trip to Greece and I promised my wife Stacey I’d pack as lite a photo bag as possible. In this video, I share my thought process about packing a lightweight kit, show you what I brought, why I chose it, how I traveled with it and share a few images, video clips and time-lapses that I captured along the way. Bonus: unbeknownst to me, both my little ones (Pike and Pepper Mae) make surprise cameos in the background.

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Using Natural Light To Your Advantage

Lighting is one of the essential elements of photography. It will make or break a photo. Whether it’s natural light or artificial lighting, as photographers, we are continually chasing great lighting for our next images. The good thing is that it is all around us whether it’s coming from the sun or light bulbs in your house. Our job is to take that light and apply it in interesting ways to highlight our subjects. From people to mountains to food, everything looks better with a little light.

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Portrait Photography in ON1 Photo RAW – Recorded Webinar

ON1 Software Educator Dylan Kotecki is back with a webinar all about portraits in ON1 Photo RAW 2018.5. Learn the basics tools, functions, and features that will help you retouch your portrait photos in ON1 Photo RAW 2018.5.

Link to free LUT’s here.

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“Earth” Elements of the Beach

This week our theme is, Earth. It can often be the element that I forget but it can be essential to telling the complete story of the beach.  When I think of “earth” I think of the sand, sea grass, driftwood etc. I focus on the details and tell the story of the day at the beach. In this video I will share with you guys a few samples of those details. I will edit a photo taken in driftwood and seagrass. I will show you how to increase the green tones, add a glow and a lens blur.  I will also show you how to import your own sky texture to finish off the photo.

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ON1 News – August 2018

Monthly news, direct from ON1 and ON1 Partners. August 2018.

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Macro Photography Course — Live Q&A

Watch the live recording of Don Komarechka’s question and answer session surrounding his ON1 Plus Macro Photography Course. During the presentation, Don shares his inspiration behind the course and expands on his approach to shooting macro photography. The audience asks questions along the way and gets their answers live in this fun and casual hangout.

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How to Capture and Edit Lifestyle Photography

Learn basic tips to capturing lifestyle and commercial photography. When shooting lifestyle photography, it’s important to think about lighting and composition. Adding light by using artificial lights or by manipulating natural light can help keep your subjects well exposed. By shooting from different angles you can provide unique perspectives for your viewer. Try looking for vantage points you haven’t tried before to get different looks and interesting compositions.

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Free Sample Video Training – ON1 Photo Kit: Creative Masking for Landscape Photography

Get a free video of detailed luminosity masking in ON1 Photo RAW 2018.5 from the newest ON1 Photo Kit: Creative Masking for Landscape Photography – now available!

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Getting Started in ON1 Photo RAW 2018 – ON1 Recorded Webinar

A great beginners webinar for getting started in ON1 Photo RAW 2018. Join me and learn the basics of each module and how to get started taking your photos from good to great.

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