In-Sync with ON1 Photo RAW

Most of us have more than one computer we work on our photos with. I have an iMac I use at home for my main editing. It has a beautifully huge display. It’s where my photos live.
I also have a laptop I use when traveling, or when I want to sit on the couch. There are lots of ways to get your photos on both computers. I use Dropbox but there are lots of other great and inexpensive cloud syncing solutions (Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, etc). Most of this storage is darn-near free. If you have an Office 365 account they give you 1TB of OneDrive for free. Same thing if you have Amazon Prime, you get unlimited free Amazon Cloud Drive storage. Cloud storage is great. It gives you an online backup you can access anywhere and automatically manages keeping your photos in sync across multiple devices.

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Free ON1 Portrait Presets for High Fashion Looks

Stylize your portrait and lifestyle photos with this free sample pack of ON1 presets for Photo RAW 2018! The Bliss Studio Premium Fashion ON1 Presets are part of the new ON1 Photo Kit – Senior Fashion: Lighting, Posing, Workflow, Stylizing by Whitney Stevens of Bliss Studio and Joshua Carter of Life Captured – now available!

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Texture Blending Basics in ON1 Layers

Scott Davenport’s techniques for texture blending in ON1 Layers are great skills to learn for enhancing your landscape photos. In this free bonus video, Scott goes through the basics of blending in ON1 Layers. He also covers everything from installing and choosing textures, to blending mode tips and tricks, and adding textures to landscape photos for a finishing touch.

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Partner Spotlight: Photomorphis – Free Sample Pack

An award winning team with a professional knowledge about layering, masking, and post-production compositing techniques – Photomorphis – are creating an incredible video training series for beginner, intermediate, and expert level masking and compositing in ON1 Photo RAW. Be on the look out for this unique product offering coming with tons of creative elements to add to your photos with their new ON1 Photo Kit – Available now!  Download a free sample pack below of presets and backgrounds to get a taste of what is to come!

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5 Ways to Improve Your Photo Editing with Masking

When editing photos, masking can be a potent tool in post-processing. The ability to apply filters and adjustments selectively using masking techniques opens an entirely new world of possibilities with a photo’s look. Factor into that the tools needed to mask or brush away layers and objects, and you’re well on your way to creating a work of art with a composite of images. With an array of masking tools, ON1 Photo RAW makes selective editing with masking incredibly fun and easy. Here are some of my favorite tips and tricks for getting the most out of my masks.

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Product Spotlight: X-Rite Workflow

Today, I’m going to talk to you about an X-rite workflow. If you aren’t familiar with X-rite, they are a great company with a ton of great products. They are the experts when it comes to blending the art and science of color. Their focus is to provide complete end-to-end color management solutions for their customers in every industry where color matters.

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Computer Memory and Photo RAW

As you’ve probably heard by now, ON1 Photo RAW has a new rendering pipeline which leverages the power of your graphics processor (GPU). This architectural change was made to improve performance and have better support for large high-dpi displays. One of the biggest benefits is the reduction in amount of memory required.

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