ON1 Short Clip – Photo RAW’s Database

Whitney (my wife) was kind enough to record this video for me. Thanks honey! :)

I want to talk about ON1 Photo RAW and how you don’t have to import your photos to work on them. What does that mean? What do we lose? When we first talked about the fast browsing capabilities in ON1 Photo RAW some users first thought there was no database (think catalog), which meant limited searching and file management capabilities. That’s not correct, so I’ll do my best to clear that part up.

In Photo RAW, you don’t have to go through an import dialog and wait for your photos to be cataloged before you can get to work like other RAW processors. You browse to the photos you want to work on and then get started. When you browse to a folder, Photo RAW finds all the files and (sub)folders, then it reads the metadata from the photos and adds them to a database. It then extracts a small thumbnail so you can see your photos. Even in folders with thousands of photos – this happens very quickly! You can start to use the filtering and searching feature right away. In the background higher-quality thumbnails are generated without you having to wait.

Once the metadata is in the database you can filter within the current folder or album you are browsing, or you can search across  your Indexed Folders (previously known as favorites) instantly. You can search common attributes like favorites, rejects, star ratings, or color labels. You can also search keywords, description, date range, or any metadata fields in EXIF, IPTC, or XMP core metadata. This includes camera settings, locations, you name it. You’ll even save searches as Smart Albums so you can access their results instantly.

The powerful database in ON1 Photo RAW does more than just facilitate searching. It powers the Photo Via sharing app for your iOS device. It stores all of your non-destructive edits, all your presets and styles, any metadata you add or change and a whole lot more.

– Dan