May 2, 2024 | 1131 Views | By Dylan Kotecki

ON1 Plus April Recap

Welcome back to another exciting recap of ON1 Plus highlights!

April was an exhilarating month packed with photo editing adventures, ranging from discovering useful keyboard shortcuts to unleashing creativity with our latest course on Filters!

1. Helpful Keyboard Shortcuts – Part 1: We explore five helpful keyboard shortcuts that can supercharge your photo editing workflow in ON1 Photo RAW. These shortcuts will help you navigate your editing process more efficiently, allowing you to focus on editing and enhancing your images like a pro. Watch the tutorial here.

2. Batch Processing in Photo RAW: Ever get tired of editing the same edits over and over again on a bunch of photos? Batch processing is here to save the day! Our latest ON1 Plus weekly tip video will show you how to use AI masking to apply the same filters and adjustments to a whole group of photos at once. Imagine the time you’ll save! And it’s super easy to do in both the Edit and Browse modules. Check out the tutorial here.

3. Live Edit – Architecture Interiors: In our recent Live Edit Webinar focused on Architectural Interiors in ON1 Photo RAW, we delved into adjusting tone, color, detail, and light within interior spaces. Techniques for balancing tones, manipulating colors, refining details, and optimizing lighting were explored in depth. The session provided practical insights to create compelling architectural compositions using ON1 Photo RAW’s powerful tools. Watch the webinar here.

4. How to Use the Healing Brush: Unlock the magic of the Healing Brush in ON1 Photo RAW, making photo retouching a breeze! Explore its seamless blending and precise adjustments, mastering modes like Heal, Stamp, Copy, and Move. Elevate your photography game with this transformative tool and watch imperfections vanish before your eyes! Watch the tutorial here.

5. April Edit Explorer: Watch the third episode of our Edit Explorer series! In Edit Explorer, we dive deep into submitted photo edits, offering constructive feedback and valuable tips that can enhance your photo editing workflows and techniques. Watch Edit Explorer here.

6. Compositing with Photo RAW – Eclipse Edition: Hudson shows you how to composite images together using creative editing techniques. Watch Hudson’s latest tip video here.

7. Filter Exploration Course: Learn how to creatively and effectively use Filters in ON1 Photo RAW! We’ll learn how to manipulate color, enhance detail, incorporate overlays, and utilize a combination of filters to bring life into our edits. Learn how to use Filters here.

8. Realistic Cloud Brushes: Enhance your landscape photography with the Realistic Cloud Brushes for ON1 Photo RAW, enabling you to effortlessly incorporate dynamic clouds into your scenes. Packed with wispy and fluffy, detailed clouds, this versatile pack brings realism and creativity to your images. Discover the brushes here.

Join us as we continue to explore new horizons and push the boundaries of creativity with ON1 Plus! See you in the next adventure.

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