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Last week I took the ON1 team on a photo walk in a cute little area of Portland called, Multnomah Village. I gave each team member a card with the scavenger hunt and they had try and capture a photo representing each of the ten themes. Some of you may have had a sneak peek of this Scavenger hunt on the forums (in the portrait category) where I extended the assignment to our Plus members.  This Scavenger Hunt was created for the ON1 team’s May photo walk but I loved extending it to plus members and seeing everyone’s posts so far.

Here are the themes I challenged the team with;

Something Old
Black & White
In Motion

Everyone did an awesome job and I was super proud. Here are three collages taken by ON1 team members that completed the scavenger hunt!

Photos by Bliss Studio

Photos by Jim Choate

Photos by Ryan Mitchell

As one of our in house photographers, I love being able to share my love of photography with the team. These team building adventures keep the passion growing as we continue to build software that we all use and love. Have you joined a group photo walk? If not, I encourage you to either host one or join one. Its fun to spend an hour or two with other photographers, learning and being creative together. Start with a goal in mind or just wander. I am looking forward to hosting another one soon!

Here are a couple photos I snagged of our team taking photos and enjoying the walk (and ice cream). You may recognize a few of these guys! Its always fun to put a few faces behind the software. I was teased for not having my photo posted in the company headshots so I included one of me this time,  just to be fair!


Stay tuned for another post with our (in house) May contest entries. Please keep your eye out on the blog as I am counting on your votes! Contest entries will be submitted from this photo walk and the winning entry (selected by your votes) will be printed and hung up at ON1!

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    1. On May 31, 2017 at 8:09 pm Whitney Stevens replied:

      Hey Bob, The photos are captioned :) Each collage is by one person and under each of them will tell you who’s they are. And then the extra shots of the team at the end belong to me :)

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