ON1 Inspiration — Episode 15: Making the Time

Hi everyone! It’s great to return to ON1 Inspiration. My sincere thanks to ON1 for having me back. For those that don’t know me, I’m a landscape photographer and photo educator based in San Diego, California. The photo I chose for this installment of ON1 Inspiration is a reminder to me to make the time for my photography.

I was recently in northern Arizona and spent a day the Grand Canyon. Of course, I had my camera and tripod in tow. However, the visit was not a photo trip. It was part of a family vacation. And I’ll bet you can guess what that means – daytime hours at the canyon and harsh light. Certainly not the golden light of sunrise or sunset.

The Grand Canyon is such a great subject, there’s awesome photos to be had at any time of the day. Also, spending time with my family made the trip very fun. Yet, after our time at the canyon the photographer in me wanted more. I wanted my golden hour photo.

On our last evening in Arizona, I decided I was going to get my Grand Canyon sunrise photo. At 2am, I dragged my bones out of my cozy hotel, drove the 90+ minutes to the canyon, and hiked another 30 minutes to Yaki Point. The sun rose a little after 5am and it was an awesome experience. One of my favorite photos, the one I share in this video, I actually took during my hike before the sunrise.

I made the time for my photography and left Arizona with great photos and great memories, both as a family guy and as a photographer. Was I tired the rest of that day? Absolutely! But I’m not tired anymore. Was it worth the sleep deprivation? Unquestionably. If I hadn’t made the time for my photography, I’m sure I would have felt regret later.

I hope you enjoy the video.