October 21, 2021 | 9030 Views | By Patrick Smith

ON1 2022 Standalone Apps and Plugins – Now Available

Today, we are excited to announce new 2022 versions of our professional plugins, ON1 NoNoise AI, ON1 Effects, ON1 Resize, ON1 Portrait AI, and ON1 HDR. These function as standalone applications or plugins for host applications such as Adobe Lightroom Classic, Adobe Photoshop, Capture One, Affinity Photo, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Apple Photos, and Corel Paintshop Pro.

Mac users can rejoice! Each ON1 2022 Professional Plugin application (NoNoise AI, Effects, Resize, Portrait AI, HDR) now runs natively on Apple Silicon-based macOS computers, allowing customers to take full advantage of the fantastic speed of these next-generation Macs. Zooming, panning, and changing photos is more natural in each application with a smooth, animated experience, with full gesture support on macOS trackpads and Windows tablet computers.

ON1 Effects 2022 includes significant enhancements and features in the latest version. The most prominent new feature is Non-Destructive Layers. The Layers feature, also included in ON1 Photo RAW, is now integrated into ON1 Effects 2022. This makes it easy for customers to duplicate their current photos as layers or combine multiple images into a single, non-destructive layered image. It’s perfect for swapping heads or replacing skies. A new line mask tool is also available in ON1 Effects and ON1 HDR for quickly creating masks using straight or curved lines. Customers can also easily add and remove points or change the feather and opacity of the masks at any time, even after creation.

The browser built into ON1 Resize 2022 now includes a Favorites pane to help access frequently used photo folders along with customizable thumbnails and a Back-Up and Restore feature.

ON1 Resize, Effects, Portrait AI, and HDR also significantly advance with our Remastered Export. Driven by customer suggestions, we rebuilt Export from the ground up. It is the most powerful export and image converter on the market today. Customers can now apply export presets from the file menu and run more than one simultaneously. In File Type, you can now create DNGs or export copies of the original. The file renaming is infinitely flexible, as is the creation of destinations. You can now use multiple watermarks at the same time and use text or graphics for them. Resizing is more powerful and flexible than ever. And finally, you have control over the metadata written to exported files.

Pricing and Availability
The ON1 Professional Plugins are available for $69.99 each. Customers who want all five of the 2022 plugins can get them in the ON1 Professional Plugin Bundle for a special introductory price of $129.99 for a limited time (normally $149.99). 14-day trials for each plugin are also available today. A single purchase of any ON1 plugin includes Windows and macOS versions for use on two computers and support for 11 languages.

Special Notes for ON1 Customers
Previous owners of the individual plugins or the ON1 Professional Plugin Bundle (2018-2021) will also receive special pricing directly from us. These special discounts and the availability will be sent directly to customers via email. All those who ordered the ON1 plugins with ON1 Photo RAW 2022 can download their applications from their ON1 account here.

Anyone who previously purchased ON1 NoNoise AI 2021 will receive ON1 NoNoise AI 2022 as a free update. The in-app auto-update notification will appear when the customers launch their application.

These plugins are also included with a subscription to ON1 Photo RAW, subscribers can download and activate each plugin here.

About the ON1 Professional Plugin Series
Many photographers are looking to expand and refine their workflows with better technologies that work together. The product line in the ON1 Professional Plugin Series focuses on bringing ON1’s editing technologies into existing professional photo workflows with a more integrated experience.

ON1 NoNoise AI offers the best results from any photo noise reduction software based on specific user tastes. The fast live previews of the adjustments make it easy to control the amount of noise in your photos. It includes raw file support for over 800 cameras, including Fujifilm.

ON1 Effects has hundreds of best photo effects, looks, and styles built into the software, allowing customers to apply professional looks to their photos without complex editing skills. The powerful masking tools and blending options allow for local and global adjustments to any photo effect. Each setting in ON1 Effects is also re-editable, allowing users to adjust any of their settings later on when using as a plugin to Lightroom or plugin to Photoshop.

ON1 Resize has long been the industry standard for photo enlargements. Featuring ON1’s industry-leading Genuine Fractals® technology, Resize 2022 is a must-have for image resizing for the highest quality photo enlargements and prints.

ON1 Portrait AI is a portrait photographer and retoucher’s dream software. It’s simply better portrait editing. The application automatically retouches each face in photos with a click of a button using frequency separation technology. It also recognizes each face in photos independently and applies the correct amount of retouching, utilizing machine-learning.. The batch processing capability included in Portrait AI is the solution for eliminating long portrait retouching sessions. Like ON1 Effects, each setting in ON1 Portrait AI is also re-editable, allowing users to adjust settings later on when working from Lightroom and Photoshop.

ON1 HDR is an ultra-fast way to produce incredible natural-looking HDR photos. It quickly renders a preview of your HDR photo without having any delays like other HDR applications. Complete control of motion in images like water with live deghosting is also handy. ON1 HDR includes everything you need to make a great-looking HDR photo, including tone & color, layers, retouching, and special effects.

These products work as plugins for Lightroom, plugins for Photoshop, plugins for Capture One, plugins for Apple Photos, and plugins for Affinity Photo.