Now Available – ON1 Photo Kit: Everyday Life by Tamara Lackey

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Now available for a limited time – ON1 Photo Kit: Everyday Life by Tamara Lackey. Featuring In-The-Field and Post-production Video Training, Presets, Practice Files, and eBooks. Watch the video trailer to learn more.

ON1 Photo Kit: Everyday Life – Now available

The NEW ON1 Photo Kit: Everday Life is a fantastic collection ON1 Presets, eBooks, and video training for shooting photos during your everyday life and editing in ON1 Photo RAW 2018 for maximum effect. It’s the ideal collection of creative assets for both beginning and advanced ON1 users to help you become better all around at your photography. Quickly pick up new shooting and editing skills with this new ON1 Photo Kit! 

  • Five In The Field Training Videos – Photographing a Portrait in the Woods, Casual Portraits in Home, Butterflies and Macro Shooting, Casual Portraits at Play with Dog, and Casual Portraits with Pets
  • Three ON1 Post-production Videos – Over 70 minutes of ON1 Photo RAW video training including optimal use of color and tone enhancers, creating and customizing presets, and working with curves to create your own style
  • eBook: ON1 Photo RAW Post-production follow-along
  • eBook: The Posing Playbook… For Kids who don’t do posing
  • Twenty-eight Tamara Lackey People & Animals ON1 Presets – Fourteen Black & White and Fourteen Color ON1 Presets


Offer expires June 15th, 2018

2 comments on “Now Available – ON1 Photo Kit: Everyday Life by Tamara Lackey”

  1. On June 7, 2018 at 3:56 pm Geraldine Dickerson wrote:

    Thank you. Your promo video helped me to decide to purchase the kit. What specifically helped me was your use of sliders to optimize the use of filters–showing great control over how best to apply the filters. I especially benefited from the Tone Enhancer example. I look forward to diving into the kit. You have great energy and convey that in your videos. Thank you for sharing. This is the second book I have purchased (first was “Capturing Life Through better Photography”). Your posing tips are very helpful.

  2. On June 8, 2018 at 4:12 am Randall Huleva wrote:

    Thank you for finally creating a Photo Kit that is aimed at me…the “everyday photographer”! There is so much emphasis today being put on selecting and specializing in a genre of photography. While that is important to the professional, for millions of us who are enthusiasts, we are “everyday” photographers. Often we are not dragging out elaborate lighting setups. Our subjects are the things we encounter in our lives. I may take a photo of an elaborate meal presentation at a restaurant, a blooming rose bud in my garden, my wife’s new haircut or our always entertaining dogs! Sometimes I use my DSLR and other times I only have my iPhone. But at the end of the day, these images are the story of my life. They may not be as exotic as wonderful travel destinations or lavish weddings, but they are important to me and my family! And…I still want my images to look their very best. I am not creating art to hang in a museum or gallery somewhere. I am creating art for a much more important audience – my family…both today and for generations to come! So thanks for helping me – the “everyday photographer” – create beautiful images that will tell the story of my life.

    P.S. – I’d love to see more content developed for all of os EVERYDAY photographers!


    Randall Huleva

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