July 8, 2021 | 939 Views | By Patrick Smith

ON1 Photo Kit Coming Soon – Working The Landscape Field to Edit

As Hudson Henry and Rick LePage worked in the field, prepping, scouting and shooting, their intent was to create a set of representative landscape photos for you to work with. The editing projects in this upcoming ON1 Photo Kit include HDR captures, panoramic mergers, simple edits and more. You can follow along as they show you how to balance images with local adjustments and use range masks to mask complicated subjects from their background. You’ll even get to see the new noise reduction app, ON1 NoNoise AI in action.

  • 15 Chapters, 226 minutes – Working The Landscape Course (both in the field and at the computer)
  • Step by Step follow along eBook to accompany course
  • Raw files to follow along editing
  • 20 new Photo RAW 2021 presets from Hudson & Rick
  • 20 ultra high resolution Palouse sky background images to use for compositing with a video detailing how to integrate them in Photo RAW

We hope you’ll be joining us virtually on our most recent adventure. Stay tuned for the release of our new ON1 Photo Kit! We hope to see you in the field one day, where we can work the landscape together, building great photographs in beautiful places.

One comment on “ON1 Photo Kit Coming Soon – Working The Landscape Field to Edit”

  1. On July 9, 2021 at 12:46 am Henryk Kierzkowski wrote:

    Henryk Kierzkowski

    Is it possible that you also could a video Working the Landscape Astrophotography: Field to Edit?
    It seems that a new era in astrophotography is upon us. ON1 NoNoise could substantially reduce the need for star tracker. Take one shot at 6,400 ISO and then separate the sky and the  background and treat them differently applying  Layers & Masks.
    Perhaps it would be even better to two shots  to start with – one of the sky with a high ISO and one of the background with a low ISO, long exposure and perhaps a different focus? Do noise removal in NO1 DeNoise of sky and background separately and send the files (2 or 4?) to ON1 Photo RAW for blending and finishing off. Is it possible? NO1 DeNoise and ON1 Photo RAW would have to work hand in hand.
    I know you love star tracker which is a great invention but now may well be an opportunity to simplify our life!!!

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