December 20, 2019 | 6529 Views | By Dylan Kotecki

New eBook! ON1 Creative Styles

The ON1 Creative Styles E-Book is the perfect tool for learning how to stylize and create captivating images inside Photo RAW 2020. This book is for the photographer looking to take their editing skills above and beyond. The photographer who isn’t afraid to tinker and discover, knowing they aren’t limited to a specific set of sliders or editing “rules.”

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To start the book, we will embark on a creative journey through ten chapters of masking, adjusting, brushing, replacing, and much more. Not only will you learn how to create stunning edits with useful and practical techniques, but you’ll discover a lot about what makes your creative engine tick and how you can fit these modifications to your style.

I’ve learned that Creative Style is all about trial and error and seeing what sticks. Over the past few years, I’ve been throwing a lot of different adjustments, sliders, and blending modes on to shots, and I’ve found a few that stayed with me. So we’ll cover the steps that it takes to achieve these stylistic looks and edits. Not only will the book guide you through each edit, but it will explain each step in detail, helping you to understand why I use each slider and button.

Starting with a Creative Multiple Exposure Edit, we’ll dive into different editing scenarios, spanning from Astrophotography Editing to converting portraits into moody black and whites. In most of the chapters, there are tips and tricks at the beginning to help you create similar images if you would like to.

Bring your imagination and creativity with you when diving into this book. Once your feeling comfortable with the edits, feel free to use your own slider adjustments, filters, and masks. This way, you’ll continue to develop your unique look while learning about modern post-processing techniques.