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Today I interviewed a good friend and fellow photographer, Joshua Carter with Life Captured Photography. He is primarily a High School Senior photographer in a small town in Missouri. I have had the pleasure and honor of working with him for many years now and am excited to both interview and share with you guys a little about this amazing photographer.

1. Tell us a little about yourself?

Hey Guys!  I’m Joshua Carter…  country boy from Missouri.  I live on a small five acre plot with my wife, three kids, goats, pigs, sheep, bees, dogs, cats, chickens…  When I’m not busy taking care of the family and animals, you’ll usually find me out photographing high school seniors!  Not sure where the talent or eye for this came from, but if you haul hay, milk cows, or combine fields long enough, I guess that gives your mind time to start thinking creatively!?  I worked for a Fortune 500 Company for about 12 years and towards the end of that time started a part-time photography business and before long I was doing better with the part-time business then I was at my career job there!  So I quit, and fast forward eight years I’ve been a full-time photographer working for myself!  It’s been amazing, and I wouldn’t change a thing!

2. What (or whom) is your favorite thing to photograph?

My favorite thing to shoot is high school seniors!  They are super excited about their session, take directions better then a newborn or toddler, and it gives me the best opportunity to be the most creative that I can!

3. What gear do you currently use?

Gear…  oh my.  So, my camera is a Nikon D300s (Nikon…  if you’re out there, I’m looking to upgrade!  Accepting sponsorships!) :)  My lens I use in the studio is a VERY old Tamron 2.8 28-75mm that has gaffers tape holding it together, I bought it used way back in the day.  My favorite outdoor lens is a Nikon 85mm 1.8 prime.  Pretty much just use those two 99% of the time.  Of course there’s other gear out there I’d like to own!

4.  Anything you would like to share with someone who is looking to photography High School Seniors?

If you’re just starting out and want to get into the senior market, first thing you need to do is start photographing seniors!  Find a friend or co-worker that’s got a senior that’ll let you take them out and just start that way working on your portfolio.  When your work is good enough, people will start telling their friends about you and you’ll soon start to see some progress.  Senior model programs are always good once you’ve got a nice portfolio and people recognize your work.  I’d also get involved with your local schools, through advertising, etc.

5. What is your number one selling product you offer?

My number one selling product, besides your basic prints is an album.  Even in todays world where everything is on social media or our phones, parents still want something they can keep out and look through and share with their friends!

6. We would love to see a recent before/after?

 I edited this image in Effects using, Dynamic Contrast, Cross Process, Bleach Bypass, Glow and ending with a vignette.
Here is a small sample of some of Joshua’s recent work.
Thank you to Joshua for letting me interview you! Your photography is inspiring!
Keep your eye out for more content from Joshua!

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