How to Photograph Everything – Various Lighting Techniques

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Join me for Episode 9 of How to Photograph Everything! This week we dive into some different lighting combinations for in-studio portraits.

We will use strobes, constant lights, reflectors, and much more help us come up with some great combinations for different catch-lights and shine on our portrait! Jump into ON1 Photo RAW 2019 with me and we will stylize and retouch the photo. I’ll give a few tips for portrait retouching as well!

One comment on “How to Photograph Everything – Various Lighting Techniques”

  1. On January 8, 2019 at 9:27 pm marc labro wrote:

    Hello Tamara,
    Very intersting tutorial about using a beauty dish with reflector and ON1 portrait.
    Your presets look nice !

    But the extra lighthing and your EXIF are very confusing.
    I had in mind that a beauty dish+reflector were enough, perhaps adding a strobe on background on towards hairs.
    I see your exif at 1/400 very fast for a standard elinchrom strobe and iso640 which is high with respect to a strobe photographt at 100iso.
    It would be interesting to explain how the led panel contribute to the high power of beauty dish.
    i also see a strobe behind you.

    best regards

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