How to Capture and Edit Lifestyle Photography

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Learn basic tips to capturing lifestyle and commercial photography. When shooting lifestyle photography, it’s important to think about lighting and composition. Adding light by using artificial lights or by manipulating natural light can help keep your subjects well exposed. By shooting from different angles you can provide unique perspectives for your viewer. Try looking for vantage points you haven’t tried before to get different looks and interesting compositions.

Quickly edit your lifestyle photos inside ON1 Photo RAW. Setting the basic tone and color is a breeze. Easily make sure your photo is properly exposed by finding your true whites and true blacks. If you have have too much true black you can pull up on the exposure slider to bring some light into your shot. Too much true white can be removed by pulling back on your exposure and increasing your shadow tones to reveal the darker areas in your shot. Some of my favorite filters to use when editing lifestyle or commercial photos are Dynamic Contrast, Sunshine, and Vignette.

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