Celebrating Dads!

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Happy Father’s Day to all the dads and grandpas out there! It is a perfect day to not only celebrate Dad’s but to celebrate relationships.  I enjoy being able to photograph my husband with our kids embracing the things that they love to do together. If you have little ones, ask them what their favorite things are about their dad or what they love to do with them? If you asked my son, Lennox he says giving Daddy hugs (he’s three).

At my studio I have mini sessions that I hold for Mother’s and Father’s Day. Encouraging my families to come in and take relationship photos. A lot of times one parent is taking majority of the photos. Getting this parent in and having their photo taken is such a joy for me.

My tip for you all today, is to think outside the box and capture a relationship photo of a Dad or Grandpa and their kid(s). Big or little! It can be as simple as a snuggly photo or try capturing a fun interactive activity. These photos can often pull at the heart strings more than any posed photo.

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