Tips for Organizing Large Photo Shoots

Easily organize and manage your photos inside ON1 Photo RAW 2019. Learn some tips that will help you breeze through culling and rating. Lastly, learn how to color label folders to save time when editing and exporting.

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3 Ways to Flawlessly Retouch Skin

Learn how to quickly smooth and retouch skin inside ON1 Photo RAW 2019. The first way is to use the Skin Retouching filter inside of the Effects Tab to remove any blemishes. You could also use the Portrait Tab to detect any faces and apply more specific skin, eye, and mouth retouching. Finally you can retouch skin by duplicating your portrait and blurring the skin tones to soften the face.

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10 Tips for Faster Photo Editing

If you are looking to save a few clicks, learn new shortcuts, or optimize your workflow, keep reading. I’ve put together ten tips which can help speed up your photo editing workflow in ON1 Photo RAW 2019. Many of the tips you can find in our trusty ON1 Photo RAW 2019.2 User Guidebook, and I list the page number and link where you can find a more detailed explanation for specific tips.

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Masking & Creative Compositing

Learn how to create a stylistic composite using the AI Quick Mask Tool inside ON1 Photo RAW 2019. First we will mask out our background from our subject. We can use this as our guide when we are blending layers together. Then we will use our Masking Brush to remove and add different textures onto our composite. From there we will top off the photo with some birds for a creative flare. Lastly we will merge the layers together into a New Stamped Layer and stylize with a LUTs Filter.

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New AI Quick Mask Tool – ON1 Photo RAW 2019

The new AI Quick Mask tool, powered by machine learning, can create high-quality masks with just a few strokes as guidance while understanding color, tone, and textures to identify boundaries and create a detailed mask in a fraction of the time compared to other masking techniques.

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Using the AI Quick Mask Tool in ON1 Photo RAW 2019

I am excited to show how to use the new AI Quick Mask Tool included in ON1 Photo RAW 2019.2. It is awesome for creating a detailed mask in seconds, and allows you to get really creative when applying effects and other adjustments in your photo editing.

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3 Tips for Enhancing Skies

Learn a few quick tips for enhancing your skies inside ON1 Photo RAW 2019. Skies can be a difficult area to deal with but Photo RAW makes it easy with a powerful shadows slider and customizable local adjustments.

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Dodging and Burning with Local Adjustments

Learn how to quickly dodge and burn inside ON1 Photo RAW using Local Adjustments. We will quickly brighten, darken, and modify specific areas in our photo by adjusting and painting on a couple local adjustment layers.

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Fixing Dark and Underexposed Images – Tip of the Week

Easily fix dark and underexposed images inside ON1 Photo RAW 2019. Using the Develop tab you can quickly pull out darker detail using the shadow and exposure sliders. Don’t forget to incorporate detail and contrast when you pull up on shadows because it will more often than not leave your image looking flat. To deal with noise and sharpening, head into the Effects tab and add a Noise Reduction and Sharpening filter.

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Organizing with Folders and Albums

Learn how to stay organized using folders and albums. Being able to drag and drop folders and subfolders is a quick way to move photos around. Using Cataloged Folders will allow you to browse through and manage your photos much faster. Albums are great for basic photo albums so you can access instantly. Creating Smart Albums will help you search through all your cataloged folders to find images based on your own specific criteria.

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Creative Filters Using Luminosity Masks – Tip of the Week

Learn how to add filters creatively using luminosity masks. Luminosity masks are a great way to target bright or dark areas in your photo. Take your photo to creative new heights using this masking technique. You can also copy and paste your luminosity mask onto other filters for a fast, fun way to edit.

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The Grunge Look

In the Grunge Look, we will create a dark, moody image using different tones and filters. To start off, we will crop and position. Then we will develop the tone and color to set the base for our style. We will then head into Effects to stir in some Dynamic Contrast for detail. To give our photo the grunge look, we will combine a Grunge filter with a Glow filter. We’ll top it with a Vignette to finish.

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The Creative Composite Look

Let’s cook up some creative style in this Creative Composite Look. First we will mix and blend in a tree layer to create a unique look. Then we will stir in a birds layer. From there we will take our composite into Effects to add stylistic filters like LUTs, Split Tone, and more.

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The Dramatic Look

We’re going to cook up a Dramatic portrait in just a few minutes using different creative ingredients. To start, we will give our photo some basic tonality and color inside of Develop. From there we will mix in some creative filters like Grunge and Glow to give our photo a dramatic look. To top it off we will smooth out her skin using the Portrait tab.

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The Glowing Waterfall Look

In this Glowing Waterfall look we will create a stunning waterfall using some fresh ingredients. First to get the water glowing, we will stir in some Glow and Sunshine filters. To bring out some detail and color, we will mix in Dynamic Contrast and a Photo filter. From there, we will top it off with a couple Local Adjustments, modified to taste.

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