ON1 Short Clip – New Image Rotation Options

In version 2017.6 (coming later this month), we’ve added the ability to rotate your photos in Browse, Develop, and Effects. We’ve also added the rotation options directly in Film Strip view. Lastly, the rotate photo options are also available when cropping a photo.

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ON1 Short Clip – New Cataloged Folders

New in 2017.6 (a free update near the end of this month) is the next generation of Indexed Folders. The new Cataloged Folders now caches a fit sized image to allow for much faster browsing. It keeps track of all the photos and all the metadata inside the folder. Instantly view and scroll through photos with the power of a database and the performance of an ultra fast browser.

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ON1 Short Clip – New Fast and Accurate Browsing

We have another free update coming near the end of this month for ON1 Photo RAW 2017, version 2017.6. Over the next couple weeks we will be posting the new features in the release here on the blog.

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ON1 Short Clip – New Compare Mode

In ON1 Photo 2017.5, we’ve taken what we like the best from compare and survey mode and combined them into one. In the New Compare Mode, you can compare multiple photos (up to 15 at once!) in browse in order to find the best one. It’s perfect for looking at a series of photos to find your best ones. You can even zoom and pan all the photos together at once (or one by one).

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ON1 Short Clip – New Advanced Search

New in 2017.5 are the advanced searching options when you need to find your photos. You can now search using a variety of metadata fields and decide if the search must match all or any of the search criteria.

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ON1 Short Clip — Using your own Textures and Borders

ON1 Effects ships with many amazing textures and borders, but you can also create your own and easily import them. I’ll show you how to import both textures and borders and use them to create a vintage poster effect.

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ON1 Short Clip – Create and Style a Panorama with Photo RAW & Photoshop

ON1 Photo RAW 2017 works hand in hand with Adobe® Photoshop©. In this video, Dan Harlacher shows how to integrate Photo RAW with Photoshop to create and style a panorama. He also shows some quick tips along the way.

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Take Multiple Shots and Put Them Together

Here’s a quick example of how to merge two photos together with ON1 Layers. Sometimes no matter how hard you try you can’t get everything into one shot. This is when creating a composite may help with your results.

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ON1 Short Clip – Culling Photos with Browse and Lightroom

Here’s a quick workflow for rating and tagging photos using the speed in ON1 Browse – part of ON1 Photo RAW. With this workflow, you can get to work faster and not have to wait on importing and cataloging which will save a ton of time.

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ON1 Short Clip – New Global Presets

New in Photo RAW is the ability to save both edits from Develop and Effects in one preset. This creates a ton of great new opportunities for the types of presets you can create.

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ON1 Short Clip – Photo RAW Speed Unleashed

I’m so impressed (actually floored) with the overall speed of the new Photo RAW. It’s faster in so many areas and it keeps getting better by the day. I wanted to share this quick video of just the basic workflow of jumping around the app to show you how smooth and fluid it performs. I can tell the ON1 Dev Team spent a ton of time on the user experience. Great job!

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ON1 Short Clip – Applying Presets from Browse

I am so excited to be able to apply presets from Browse in ON1 Photo RAW. Here is a quick look at how to apply presets directly from the browser. Applying certain looks to multiple photos is super fast and easy when combined with the new film strip view. It’s great for quickly proofing photos for clients.

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ON1 Short Clip – New Film Strip View

The new film strip view in Photo RAW allows you to easily edit multiple photos at once. You can also fine tune each photo individually without having to jump back and forth between Effects, Develop, and Browse.

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