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We have a new baby! Baby Henry is here!

Hey everyone! I just wanted to let everyone know that Hudson and his wife Stacey are the new and very proud parents of Pike Henry. Pike was born on Saturday February 20th, and mom/dad/and baby are all doing great. They may be a little sleep deprived right now, but we all know that goes away in 25-30 years 😉

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High Noon Photo Challenge Video

Hello again everybody! If you’ve been paying attention to the Plus member site over the last couple of weeks, you know that Matt and I did a reverse photo challenge where you challenge us to something. By overwhelming vote, the challenge was for Matt and I to get out and shoot at high noon. I decided this would be a great opportunity for me to go scout the new Tilikum Crossing a pedestrian bridge here in Portland.

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High Noon Photo Challenge Videos

Hey there and happy Friday! If you’ve followed the Plus member site over the last couple of weeks, you’ll know that Hudson and I did a reverse photo challenge where you challenge us to something. By overwhelming vote, the challenge was for Hudson and I to get out and shoot at noon. It could have been landscape, portrait, street scenes, whatever we wanted – but it had to be at noon and with minimal gear.

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Live Q&A: Editing from Start to Finish

Earlier this week we hosted a live webcast/Q&A session where I edited a few of my photos, and anyone who joined in could ask questions live. Big thanks to all who joined in. We had almost 400 people which was awesome and some really great questions. But… for anyone that missed it, the video is right here so you can watch it (or re-watch it). Also, if you missed it but have any questions feel free to ask ’em Discussion area under the appropriate topic.

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Vote! Your Favorite Photo Challenge for Matt and Hudson

(Note: Idea submissions have already happened. Now it’s time to vote. There’s an official poll with choices below)

Thanks so much for all of the fun and creative ideas for the reverse photo challenge I posted about the other day. In case you missed it, the idea is that you guys come up with a challenge for Hudson and I. Well, 150 of you answered. Thank you!!! I love the interaction that this community is bringing!

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The Lens Filters I Always Carry

In yesterday’s Live Q&A I had a number of questions about what filters I carry with me these days and I promised I would link a recent blog post I just wrote about exactly that. There are loads of example images and explanations.

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Live Q&A: Light & Composition

First an apology for the technical difficulties we had with the live Q&A session today. Comcast had an internet service problem in my studio’s neighborhood that struck 10 minutes before the broadcast. Murphy’s law in full force. For those of you who stuck it out THANK YOU. For those who couldn’t make it or understandably dropped out, I have good news for you.

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Live Q&A: Ask Matt Anything (Workflow Edition)

Happy Friday! We just posted the video from the live “Ask Matt Anything” video the other day. The topic was workflow and any questions you have about what apps to use and in what order. The questions were taken from the Event blog post, where I asked you to submit your questions ahead of time. I also went through and wrote the questions I covered below, and grabbed the general time-code for each question in the video (see questions below). So if there’s anything special you want to jump to, that should make it easier. Have a great weekend!

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