ON1 Photo RAW 2024.5
ON1 Photo RAW 2024.5

April Plus Rewards

Hey ON1 Plus members! Here is your Plus Rewards for April from our friends at 2 Lil’ Owls. Download the Lighting Vignette Effects Preset Pack and Textures

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Hudson's South Padre Trip: Part 1

I just sat down and read Matt’s amazing “What Inspires You: Part 2” post. What a great piece and such thoughtful comments in response. It inspires me to showcase a few images from the first 24 hours of my family’s South Padre Island kitesurfing trip. Most of the images were taken in tourist mode. They are meaningful to me and document the trip, but they will never be in my portfolio. The image above from tonight is special, but… I’m getting ahead of myself.

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Live Q&A: Matt's Iceland Trip

First off, thanks so much to everyone who attended the Iceland Q&A video from the other day. Lot’s of great questions and it was fun to re-live the trip through answering them. As always, if you can’t join in live we post the video here on the Plus member site. Thanks!

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Mobile Photography and Editing of Downtown Cincinnati

Last month I spent a couple of days teaching at a conference in Cincinnati. I ventured outside the hotel for a quick walk, really having no thought of taking photos or doing a video. But as I got near the water and looked at the city skyline, I started wishing I had my camera there to grab some photos. Then I realized, I did have my camera – my phone! And I had a video camera too – my phone!

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A Modest Camera Photo Challenge

Hi everyone! It’s your ON1 Plus Guest Coach, Brian Matiash. During last week’s Live Q&A session, I fielded a question asked by ON1 Plus member, Anastasios and it really stuck a chord with me. His question focused on feeling like a lesser photographer because of the size of his camera compared to another photographer who was shooting next to him. Despite answering the question during the Q&A session, I just couldn’t shake it.

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Live Q&A: At Home and Abroad – Telling Your Visual Story

Hi all. Last week our guest coach, Brian Matiash, did a live Q&A called “Telling Your Visual Story”, and we got a great response. But I know everyone couldn’t make it in to watch live, so we recorded it and (as always) post it here to the Plus website for you to watch. The video is below. Feel free to watch it and if you have any questions, don’t forget to hit the “Ask Brian” button on the right side, or in the Discussion menu. Enjoy!

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What Photo Inspires You?

Pretty open ended question huh? I have an idea for an exercise, and I’d love to see a photo (yes, One photo – not a photographer) that inspires you. A photo that you wish you’d taken. If you don’t immediately know where to go to find a photo, try searching/browsing through 500px.com or Flickr.com, or just do a google search. Just one photo though. Easy enough right?

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