December 12, 2017 | 111729 Views | By Nathan Keudell

Black & White Photography Course – NOW AVAILABLE!

It’s here! ON1 Director of Product Dan Harlacher takes you on a deep-dive into the world of black and white photography. Learn how to think in black and white to compose and properly expose for this, the pinnacle of photographic expression. Then learn how to convert to black and white, control tonality, simulate film and darkroom techniques and even get the best black and white prints. Dan has been a passionate practitioner of black and white photography going back to his days in the darkroom where we was a college instructor. In this all-encompassing course you will learn everything you need to know about shooting and converting black and white using the latest modern digital technology.



The download for this course includes 16 video lessons and practice files to follow along. If you have questions or want to discuss this course head on over to Plus Forums Course Discussions. Not an ON1 Plus member? Learn more about our growing community.

Lesson 1 Introduction
Lesson 2 Seeing B&W
Lesson 3 Exposing for B&W
Lesson 4 Camera Filters
Lesson 5 Digitally Converting to B&W
Lesson 6 Controlling Tone & Contrast
Lesson 7 Making Local Adjustments
Lesson 8 Detail & Texture
Lesson 9 Film Darkroom Looks
Lesson 10 Infrared
Lesson 11 Using Presets
Lesson 12 Printing
Lesson 13 Editing an Architectural Photo
Lesson 14 Editing a Waterfall Photo
Lesson 15 Studio Shoot & Edit: Floral
Lesson 16 Studio Shoot & Edit: A Portrait

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