Farewell Whitney Stevens: BONUS Video & August ON1 Plus Recap

What a fabulous month! I truly enjoyed this elements course and I hope that you guys were able to pull a few tips out of the information that I shared. Before I completely sign off, I wanted to give you guys one final bonus video. While staying at the beach to create this course, I fell in love with the window light in the house we rented.  This video will share a little more information about window light and how I made it work for me.  I will also edit the photo in effects to create a beautiful Black & White photo to I had envisioned for this shot.  (more…)

"Sun" Exploring Elements of the Beach

Sun? Or is it Fire? I am told our last element should be “Fire” But ironically while I was creating this course for you guys there was a fire ban here in Oregon.  They were putting up signs on the beach while we were shooting. So I decided, Sun was more appropriate for our final element. Sun can be your friend or your enemy. It is good practice to learn how to work with it. (more…)

"Earth" Elements of the Beach

This week our theme is, Earth. It can often be the element that I forget but it can be essential to telling the complete story of the beach.  When I think of “earth” I think of the sand, sea grass, driftwood etc. I focus on the details and tell the story of the day at the beach. In this video I will share with you guys a few samples of those details. I will edit a photo taken in driftwood and seagrass. I will show you how to increase the green tones, add a glow and a lens blur.  I will also show you how to import your own sky texture to finish off the photo.

"Water" Exploring the Elements of the Beach

Water is, of course, one of the most important elements of the beach. My favorite part of taking water shots is getting a beautiful reflection to balance out my photo.  I love to look for a spot in the sand that captures a reflection.  One important part to not forget, If you are replacing a sky and your photo is also showcasing a reflection you need to make sure you add that same sky into the reflection. So let’s do it. For this video, I am going to share a few tips about water and finding those reflections. I will also edit a photo in ON1 Photo Raw replacing a sky and show you how to include it in the reflection.

"Wind" Exploring the Elements of the Beach

Our first element is Wind. Especially on the Oregon Coast, wind can be an element that can be your friend or your enemy. Finding ways to make the wind work for you and how to work around it will help you get amazing shots even under difficult conditions. While I can’t magically make it go away, I will share a few tips on how to handle your gear and clients to ensure that you get your best results. In ON1 Photo Raw I will show you guys how to enhance the colors in a photo, along with skin smoothing and a sky enhancement.
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Welcome August ON1 Plus Guest Coach — Whitney Stevens

Hello Everyone! For those that do not already know me, I am Whitney Stevens, owner of Bliss Studio here in Portland, Oregon! I have been a photographer for over 20 years and while I have photographed many different things over the years I have narrowed my focus to what I love most and that is children.  I have always said I see kids a little differently and now that I am a mom I truly believe that I have a special connection with kids. I love to let them be who they are in front of my lens while I am there to just capture their beauty.

FlayLay Photo Contest

Are you guys familiar with the term “FlayLay”? Or some people call it “LayDown”. It is a simple concept of placing like items or a theme together and photographing them from above.
FlatLay was our in house photo competition for December. With the weather not always the greatest this time of year we thought an indoor challenge would be the best. (more…)

Interview with Joshua Carter

Today I interviewed a good friend and fellow photographer, Joshua Carter with Life Captured Photography. He is primarily a High School Senior photographer in a small town in Missouri. I have had the pleasure and honor of working with him for many years now and am excited to both interview and share with you guys a little about this amazing photographer.


Red, White & Blue

Holiday’s are always a great form of inspiration. It gives everyone a good excuse to take photos inspired by the holiday. I really enjoy Red, White and Blue themed photos both at my studio as well as photographing my own family.  The fun color palate really inspires me, especially when I add in a couple cute kids.

Celebrating Dads!

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads and grandpas out there! It is a perfect day to not only celebrate Dad’s but to celebrate relationships.  I enjoy being able to photograph my husband with our kids embracing the things that they love to do together. If you have little ones, ask them what their favorite things are about their dad or what they love to do with them? If you asked my son, Lennox he says giving Daddy hugs (he’s three).