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I have been a photographer for 20 years and I love every minute of it. I specialize in children and babies but also photograph high school seniors and families. I am a WHCC sponsored speaker and enjoy teaching and giving back to fellow photographers. In my free time, I spend time with my husband and two kids, baking cupcakes, sewing and redecorating my house. I'm a coffee addict, full of laughter and will never turn down peanut butter M & M's. *You can read more on my advice and what inspires me on the blog under the Bliss Category.

ON1 Workflow – Saving Time in Post-Production

Having a smooth workflow can have a huge impact on the time you spend in post-production. In this video, I want to share my personal workflow for Bliss Studio. I have found faster ways to cull through my images and get them prepped for clients to view. I’ll take you from the beginning of the process, through adding presets, all the way to exporting them out for both web and final prints. It is always good to find ways to improve your workflow as even small changes can have the impact you need.

Watch my first video on Managing Presets for Faster Editing.


ON1 Workflow – Managing Presets for Faster Editing

Preset Management can be an essential part of speeding up your workflow process. Like most things, being organized can be half the battle. I wanted to share a few tips on how to manage your presets by removing categories you do not need and organizing your favorite presets with quick and easy to find categories. When your presets are at your finger tips it makes your post editing, quick and easy to power through right in browse.

ON1 Short Clip — Spring Color Pop + Sky Replacement

In this tutorial I will share how to enhance the colors to make them pop as well as how to blend or replace the sky. We will start in Develop to make a few exposure improvements and then go into Effects. In effects I will start with one of the new Color Film presets, make a few adjustments and then add a sky to finish it off.

ON1 Short Clip — Adding a Texture to a Portrait Photo

Adding textures to portrait photos can give them a nice finishing touch.  In this tutorial, you will see me add a texture and mask out parts of the subject I do not want the texture applied to. I will also show you how to blend the texture and make other subtle adjustments to get the best results.

ON1 Short Clip — Creating a Matte Black & White

Adding a black & white matte can really change the mood of an image giving it that extra finish that is needed. Creating a matte BW look is simple and once you have the steps it will lead you to creating many different types of matte looks even color ones.

Celebrating Dads!

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads and grandpas out there! It is a perfect day to not only celebrate Dad’s but to celebrate relationships.  I enjoy being able to photograph my husband with our kids embracing the things that they love to do together. If you have little ones, ask them what their favorite things are about their dad or what they love to do with them? If you asked my son, Lennox he says giving Daddy hugs (he’s three).

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Spring into High School Senior Season

I was honored to be a part of the Spring into Summer campaign and jumped on board with a fun video on High School Seniors.  As we head into summer, Senior season is in full swing for a lot of studios. At the beginning of the season I enjoy creating a few new presets, inspired by my first couple sessions. Styles and trends are always evolving as well as my mood can vary when I am editing the start of a new season of seniors.

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ON1 Photo Contest (May)

I’m ready to call in the troops!  Last month, we had  an ON1 photo walk resulting in some fun shots that the ON1 team members took to compete for our May (in house) photo contest. Please vote for your favorites and the winner selected by our loyal customers will be hung on display at the office! I have pulled the top 10 entries for you guys to pick from. Which one would you print and display on your wall?

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ON1 Photo Walk

Last week I took the ON1 team on a photo walk in a cute little area of Portland called, Multnomah Village. I gave each team member a card with the scavenger hunt and they had try and capture a photo representing each of the ten themes. Some of you may have had a sneak peek of this Scavenger hunt on the forums (in the portrait category) where I extended the assignment to our Plus members.  This Scavenger Hunt was created for the ON1 team’s May photo walk but I loved extending it to plus members and seeing everyone’s posts so far.

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Company Headshot Day

It is important that we enjoy as much photography around the office as we can even if that means pretending to be excited about that special time of year again. You know, the (dreaded) company headshot day. Just mentioning the event would make you think everyone was taking a trip to the dentist and getting a couple teeth pulled. I’ll admit when you are used to being behind the camera (or computer for that matter) having to be the center of attention is not always high on everyone’s list. As the photographer, it is my job to make everyone feel comfortable and at ease. I assured the team that I would make this day as pain free, quick and full of laughter as possible. With me behind the camera, entertainment is a given. More »

Before & After Magic

Sometimes a great photograph can come from seeing the potential of a not so great photograph. This is not always an easy task. We take so many photographs that it can be easy to skip over images without a second thought. Today, I wanted to share a before and after from of our ON1 team members. You may have already seen my blog post with our in house photo competition we had last month themed, Spring/Floral. This photograph was one of our contest winners and belongs to, Jim (an engineer at ON1).  After we announced the winners he was kind enough to share the original image with a little back story on how he got to the fabulous end result.

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ON1 Photo Contest (April)

Our last in house photo contest was both inspiring and fun to host. Since you guys were so awesome in your voting I wanted to go ahead and post the April contest and let you guys choose your favorite! The theme for last month’s contest was Spring/Floral. This was an open ended theme. I wanted people to enter a photo that either gave their interpretation of “Spring”  or they could just submit a “Floral” image.  Either was accepted. More »

5 Ways to Spark Creativity with a Personal Project

As artists we all have a point where we hit a creative rut. This can come from photographing the same thing over and over again, or certain times of the year, slow season or you may just need to be inspired to create something new. Photography is always evolving not only as technology advances but also as styles and trends change. It is important that we all take some time to spark our creativity and refresh with a new set of eyes.

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8 Tips for Photographing Kids on the Beach

My family and I took a little impromptu trip the Beach over spring break. Just as I type the word beach, I’m realizing I should probably clarify, the Oregon coast. Which is really more of a windy, not so warm beach.  I took my camera along in hopes that we would get a break in the weather to be able to take a few photos.  I knew I did not want a formal session of my kids but instead photos that captured the experience. Taking photos on the beach can be tricky but approaching it with a documentary style in mind really changed the expectation and instead resulted in fun little details that shared the experience just as I had hoped.

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ON1 Photo Contest

We wanted to play along with ON1 Plus water-themed photo contest last month, so we hosted our private competition at the office! ON1 employees submitted their best water photos, and we put them up on the walls to be admired and evaluated. We had an amazing collection of pictures, here are the top 10 entries.  Please tell us your favorite photo, and we would love to get your input! The clear winner and a runner up is still being debated by our team of judges.  Having little contests is a great way to let us play with on our personal photos and use ON1 Photo 2017 of course! Tell us what you think!

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New Portrait & Lifestyle Category on the forum

We have added a new section to the ON1 Plus forum, Portrait & Lifestyle Photography! If you photograph weddings, seniors, kids or families—then this is your place. This new forum category is for working professionals and those who may be aspiring to be a pro photographer. We even created a special section just for MWAC’s (mom’s with a camera). Let’s use this new category to help inspire and learn the ins and outs of running a portrait studio or photographing people.

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How I Got Time Back by Improving My Workflow

Whitney is the owner of Bliss Studio specializing in children and families and primarily shooting with natural light. She is currently a sponsored speaker for WHCC and enjoys teaching others about her passion. She resides in Portland, Oregon with her husband and two children.

As a portrait photographer my post production looms over me after every session and takes way more time than it should. I don’t know about you, but spending long hours in front of the computer getting images ready for clients is rough. An hour shooting can easily be three to four hours in post production. Resulting in many late night editing sessions and trying to edit while my family life swirls around me. It has gone from my favorite part and turned into my least favorite. I’ve needed a new solution longer than I care to admit. ON1 solved this for me with the latest release, ON1 Photo RAW 2017.  With a few adjustments to my workflow, my post production time has gone from 3-4 hours to 10-15 minutes. This has been LIFE changing for me! I’m finally able to get my editing done quickly and can enjoy more time behind the camera and more time with my family.

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