Nicolesy Tip 4: Creating a Double Exposure

One of my favorite things to do in ON1 is to create double-exposures. This image was created using two main images: the portrait of the model dressed as a geisha, and an iPhone photo of the branches of a tree filled with cherry blossoms. Then, I finished it with a paper texture that you can find inside of your “My Extras” folder in ON1 Layers. Watch how I transform it into a work of art!

Nicolesy Tip 3: Changing an Object to White or Black

Changing the color of an object in ON1 Photo is relatively simple, but what if you want to convert the image to pure white or pure black? This video demonstrates how to do both!

Nicolesy Tip 2: Masking & Sharpening

In this video, I show how to add selective sharpening to a photo with masking inside of ON1 Effects.

Nicolesy Tip 1: Masking Eyes Using Color Fill

In this short video, I demonstrate how to add brightness and color to eyes using masking and blending in ON1 Layers.

Introducing Guest Coach Nicole S. Young

I wanted to take a quick minute and introduce our guest coach for the next two weeks! The talented, and amazingly Nicole S. Young (AKA Nicolesy). You probably know Nicole from her website where she’s got awesome training and a ton of inspirational articles and photos.