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Light Challenge Tips for Editing Your Photos

Since we’re still in the midst of the Lighting challenge, I thought I’d give you a few tips on editing photos where the light didn’t cooperate. Keep in mind, the lighting challenge is really about you finding good light, and not necessarily editing the photo to make it good. But in the future, hopefully these tips come in handy.

It's NOT All About the Light

If you’ve ever been frustrated by the saying “It’s all about the light”, you’re not alone. Or maybe I’m the only one 🙂
But I wanted to do a quick video for you that talks a little about my journey with “light” in photography. How I really didn’t understand what good light and bad light meant when I first started. I really wish some one just gave me a recipe of things to look for, which is more of what I talk about in this video. Hope you enjoy! 🙂

ON1 Short Clip — Photo 10.5 vs. Photo RAW

Let’s take a look at a comparison of the processing speed between ON1 Photo 10.5 and the new ON1 Photo RAW – with its new fast module switching and nondestructive workflow.  You’ll notice how in ON1 Photo RAW it only took us about 43 seconds – in ON Photo 10.5 it takes twice as long. Everything is faster in ON1 Photo RAW – faster file opening, faster module switching, faster adjustments, and faster file saving.

3 Ways to Add Text To Your Photos

There’s probably going to come a time where you want to put some great looking, professional and beautiful text on to your photos. After all, if you’re going to add text to a nice photo, why ruin it with yucky looking type. So I thought I’d round up 3 ways that I’ve used that work really well. Now, in full disclosure, when I really need to add type to an image I use Photoshop. That said, my typography skills aren’t where they need to be, so it never really looks that good.

A New Way to Add A Vignette in Layers

If you’ve watched any of my videos you know I’m a sucker for the “Big Softy” Vignette filter in Effects. But if I’m spending a little more time with my photo, and I know I’m going to do some layered based editing to it, I also have another trick for adding vignettes that tends to look a bit more natural. With a duplicate layer, and a quick blend mode change, it’s actually pretty simple and fast to do. Enjoy!

The Ins and Outs of Keywords in Browse

Last week I saw a few questions about adding and searching with keywords in Browse. Coming off the video I did on the Favorites/Watched section in Browse, I thought this video on keywords was a great follow up. If you have a complicated photo library (I don’t), then keywords can definitely help you find/organize your photos at a deeper level, and a lot of people use them (I personally don’t). But there’s a trick in Browse to making keywords work a little better and it actually involves that same Favorites/Watched panel that we looked at last week. Enjoy!

What's the Favorites/Watched Section Do In Browse?

The Favorites/Watched area in Browse is a pretty powerful little section of the app that goes unused by a lot of folks out there. I thought I’d do a quick video that shows you how it’s different, and a little behind the scenes of how it really works and when it’s best to use it. Enjoy!

Exploring How to Add Filters and Effects

In just about any software app out there, you’ll find there’s different ways to do things. Everyone has a specific workflow and way of doing things that works for them. ON1 apps are no different. In Effects for example, there’s various ways to add filters and I’ve noticed over time that everyone gravitates toward one side of the screen or another when doing it. So I figured I’d do a quick video showing you some of the different ways, and hopefully open up a few little tips and tricks for you. Enjoy!

Moving from Photoshop to ON1 With A New Layer

I always see a lot of questions about moving from Photoshop to ON1 and when it’ll automatically create a new layer. So here’s a quick video that goes over some of the options you have, as well as a quick shortcut if you ever need a new layer, even after you’ve returned from ON1. Enjoy!

Matt's Mobile Phone Gear

Thanks so much for checking out our videos during Mobile Week last week. One of the questions I saw a lot was from people asking me about the iPhone tripod/clamp that I use. Rather than just put links, I figured I’d do a quick video to show you both of the tools I use, and you could see them in action. Enjoy!