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Tech Talk – Blending Modes

I remember in school (all those years ago) we used to combine multiple photos either in camera or in the darkroom by sandwiching multiple negatives together. It was a difficult and exacting process, or simply unpredictable at times.

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ON1 Short Clip – New Details Pane

The New Details Pan in Develop combines sharpening and noise reduction. These two controls tend to fight each other so we put them together in the new version. Whenever adjusting sharpening or noise reduction you will always want to make sure to zoom to 100% so you can see how these adjustments are being applied to your photo. We have also improved noise reduction so you get better results and be able to control how it is applied to both luminance and color noise. The new Details Pane is going to give you the optimal sharpness and noise reduction.

ON1 Short Clip – New Compare Mode

In ON1 Photo 2017.5, we’ve taken what we like the best from compare and survey mode and combined them into one. In the New Compare Mode, you can compare multiple photos (up to 15 at once!) in browse in order to find the best one. It’s perfect for looking at a series of photos to find your best ones. You can even zoom and pan all the photos together at once (or one by one).

ON1 Short Clip – Stacking Presets in Effects

The Insert Preset command in Effects is back in version 2017.5. This feature makes it easy to stack multiple presets and create even more looks in Effects. Just hover over a preset and hold down the alt/option key and when you click on the preset it will stack it on top of your other settings.


ON1 Short Clip – Lens Correction

The New Lens Correction pane in version 2017.5 automatically detects your lens and reduces distortion, chromatic aberration and peripheral fall-off. It automatically applies the correction when you browse to a photo. Further manual adjustments can also be made in Develop. If there isn’t a built-in profile for your lens you can manually adjust it as well.


ON1 Workflow – Selections, Masking, & Layering

Masking is a technology that sits underneath a lot of the features that you use everyday in ON1 Photo RAW 2017. Combining multiple photos, brushing in or out effects, sky or face swapping- it’s all masking! I show you how masking is used throughout each module: Develop, Effects, and Layers, and how to use each different tool to get the best mask possible for each.

In this workflow video, you will learn how to effectively use the tools, their advanced features, and some tips and tricks to create your own beautiful masks throughout ON1 Photo RAW 2017.

ON1 Live – May 2nd Event Recording

I want to thank everyone who joined us yesterday! These events get better each time and we get such great questions and feedback from the ON1 community. If you didn’t catch the live viewing, you’re in luck! The recording is ready. I also marked the start times in the recording of the main content from each session. Enjoy!

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Portrait Workflow Series – Using Presets

We cap our mini portrait workflow series with part 8 – Using Presets. I go through some of the built-in presets in ON1 Photo 2017 which are great for using on portraits. Presets are the perfect starting point for styling and making amazing looking portrait shots.

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A Quick Survey

Hey everyone! Please take this brief survey and tell us what you think! We’re going to put our focus on exactly the features you want!
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Tech Talk – Color Management

Getting the color out of your printer to match what you see on screen is the job of your color management system. Both Mac OS and Windows have built-in color management systems to enable this, along with the apps you use for photography. In order for color management to work properly, you need a profile for each of your devices. The profile acts like a fingerprint for the color for the device. The color management system uses these profiles to translate the color interpretation of one device to another. In this latest post I explain how color management works inside of ON1. 

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ON1 Photo RAW 2017 – Roadmap Update

What Got Us Here – A Brief History
Looking back, 2016 was a huge year for us. The introduction of ON1 Photo RAW 2017 was a giant leap forward in the development of our products. Adding non-destructive editing and raw processing was the culmination of a multi-year migration away from simple plug-ins to a complete workflow application. Just a few years ago our products were all individual plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

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Tech Talk – All About File Sizes

File size, image size, megapixels and resolution are common terms in digital photography. However, few of us really understand what they mean and how they relate to each other. Let’s break it down so we can make sense of this.

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ON1 Photo (RAW) 2017.1 – Now Available

Version 2017.1 (or build ) is available for immediate download. This release has some very exciting new features, upgrades in performance, and fixes several issues reported by ON1 customers. We also want to let you know some of the new features and updates we outlined during the initial release (in December) are taking longer to integrate than we originally anticipated. We will have an updated timeline for the remaining features very soon and will post it here on the blog. Your feedback has been highly valuable in helping us prioritize what each update includes. We still plan on bringing you new features and updates to ON1 Photo 2017 free of charge.

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Update: Release of ON1 Photo (RAW) 2017.1

UPDATE: 3.31.2017 – We will email owners the news about the Version 2017.1 release on Monday. We will update you here on the blog as soon as it is available for download also. You may see the auto update pop up in the app between now and Monday, so if you do get it go ahead and download it to use 2017.1. In any case, you will get email notification and download links here on Monday. Hopefully, all that makes sense. Have a great weekend!

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For the Love of Film – Part II

In Part II, in For the Love of Film blog series, we bring you into the studio. I show our set up for creating new Color Film presets for Effects (coming in ON1 Photo 2017.1). If you missed Part I, you can find it here.

Once we raided Jonny’s stash of frozen-in-time film, along with the very few color negative and transparency films we could still get our hands on, it was finally time to go shoot.

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For the Love of Film – Part 1

The first post of a three part series covering film emulation in ON1 Photo 2017. Product Director Dan Harlacher and QA Engineer Jonny Davenport put together a fun project for emulating film looks in ON1 Photo 2017. These new film looks will be available as part of the next free update.

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Tech Talk – Fujifilm X-Trans

Some of you out there shoot with Fujifilm® X series cameras that use the X-Trans® CMOS sensor. These sensors use a unique color filter pattern compared the the traditional Bayer pattern that most cameras use. Fujifilm claims this filter layout reduces moire patterns naturally so you don’t need an anti-aliasing filter which can soften details in your photos. They also claim  this layout provides for better color reproduction with less color noise. Here is what that looks like.

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ON1 Photo 2017.0.2 — New Update Available

We are excited to announce the first major update to ON1 Photo RAW 2017. Version 2017.0.2 is available for immediate download. The complete photo organizer, editor, raw processor, and effects app all-in-one just got a whole lot better. This latest update includes support for over a dozen new cameras, improved raw processing results, updated support for Fujifilm camera files, better highlight recovery, and other performance tuning and bug fixes.

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ON1 Photo RAW 2017.0.1 Update

We would like to thank all of our users who have helped us shape ON1 Photo RAW. Thank you for your feedback and patience. We are happy to say we have some updates (one today and one coming soon). Both of these free updates will vastly improve your experience and are just the beginning of the improvements and free updates coming in 2017. The first update, ON1 Photo RAW 2017.0.1 is available today. This is the first maintenance release for ON1 Photo RAW 2017 and you can download the update here.

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Photo RAW Pre-Release 2 Posted!

The update for the Photo RAW Pre-Release has been posted (update 2)! You will receive an email with the updated installers (if you haven’t already). Again, your feedback has been tremendous in helping us drive to the final release December 19th.

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