A Modest Camera Photo Challenge

Hi everyone! It’s your ON1 Plus Guest Coach, Brian Matiash. During last week’s Live Q&A session, I fielded a question asked by ON1 Plus member, Anastasios and it really stuck a chord with me. His question focused on feeling like a lesser photographer because of the size of his camera compared to another photographer who was shooting next to him. Despite answering the question during the Q&A session, I just couldn’t shake it.

Live Q&A: At Home and Abroad – Telling Your Visual Story

Hi all. Last week our guest coach, Brian Matiash, did a live Q&A called “Telling Your Visual Story”, and we got a great response. But I know everyone couldn’t make it in to watch live, so we recorded it and (as always) post it here to the Plus website for you to watch. The video is below. Feel free to watch it and if you have any questions, don’t forget to hit the “Ask Brian” button on the right side, or in the Discussion menu. Enjoy!

ON1 Inspiration – Episode 1: Styling the Mighty Redwood

BONUS for Plus members ONLY. Go Behind the Scenes with Brian.

It's rebooted! ON1 Inspiration with Brian Matiash

It’s crazy to think that we’re approaching four years since I first launched ON1 Perfect Inspiration. Each week, we published a new episode with the goals of expanding your creative reach and helping you get the most out of your photography using ON1’s suite of editing software.