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Quickly add detail to any photo using ON1 Photo RAW. Whether you’re adding detail to your entire photo or adding it into specific areas, ON1 Photo RAW makes it effortless. Learn different ways you can add detail into your photos and bring them to life.

If you’re looking to add detail into your entire photo, try using your structure slider first. Adding Dynamic Contrast will also bring some detail into your shot. The Tone Enhancer filter will allow you to play with the detail and clarity of your photo. To add detail to more specific areas, try using a local adjustment with the structure increased. Simply brush on the detail into your photo. You can achieve the same effect with the Dynamic Contrast filter, just invert your mask so you can brush in the filter.

One comment on “Add Detail to Any Photo”

  1. On August 19, 2018 at 9:16 pm marc labro wrote:

    nice tuto !
    in develop we see structure
    in tone enhancer we see detail and clarity. in a old tuto Scott explained that detail is micro contrast inside object while clarity is contours. i had in mind since lightroom that clarity was micro-contrast.
    what is now the difference then between structure and clarity ?

    is dynamic contrast more powerful than lightroom clarity in local adjustments ?

    best regards

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