Learn How to Avoid Over-Processing Mistakes & Create Your Best Photos

Discover the insider tips and tricks of landscape photography in this all-new ON1 Photo Kit for Photo RAW 2024, Mastering Realistic Landscape Editing by Austin Jackson. Follow along with step-by-step workflows tailored to 5 distinct scenes – deserts, mountains, sunsets and sunrises, spring forests and waterfalls, and winter landscapes. You’ll also learn techniques like dodging and burning and advanced blend mode uses.

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Discovering ON1 Photo RAW: 10 Reasons It’s the Ultimate Photo Editing Software for Mac, Windows, and More

Launching your photo editing journey can be daunting, especially when faced with various software options available today. It’s essential to find a photo editing software application that possesses power and is accessible to all levels of expertise. Most importantly, the one that feels right to you. In searching for the perfect photo editing software solution, consider ON1 Photo RAW, equipped with a complete set of tools designed for Mac and Windows users. In this post, we shed some light on the 10 reasons why ON1 Photo RAW should be a massive consideration as your go-to photo editing solution, guiding both novice and seasoned photographers alike who may find themselves uncertain about where to begin.

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LUTs in Lightroom

Can You Use LUTs in Lightroom? What You Need To Know

The search for the perfect tone and color balance in images is ever-evolving in digital photography. Enter a true game-changer: free LUTs. As a photographer, you’ve likely encountered the term ‘LUTs.’ But the question remains: can you use LUTs in Lightroom? Don’t worry; we’re here to shed much-needed light on the topic.

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Reduce Noise Lightroom

How to Reduce Noise in Lightroom

In photography, pursuing perfection in every shot often leads us to spend hours editing and processing our images. Among the various challenges professional photographers face in post-processing, digital noise is one of the most prominent. This unwanted graininess can compromise the quality of your images, especially those shot in low light or with high ISO settings. Fortunately, Adobe Lightroom provides practical tools to reduce noise in Lightroom, helping you enhance your finished photographs.

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Introducing ON1 Photo RAW 2024.1: The First Major Update

We are thrilled to announce the first update to ON1 Photo RAW 2024. The new ON1 Photo RAW 2024.1 update introduces color wheels to enhance the color balance filter! It also provides increased flexibility to the properties inspector, allowing you to roll it up or nest it with other controls to save screen space. Adjust the capture date and time with a relative offset for syncing across multiple cameras. Experience improved performance without delays when transitioning from Edit to Browse, with new camera and lens support and bug fixes.

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Lightroom Wedding Presets

The 5 Best Wedding Lightroom Presets

In your wedding photography, capturing the essence of someone’s special day is as much about the subtleties of post-processing as it is about skill. Lightroom wedding presets (a wedding photographer’s secret weapon) offer professional and amateur photographers a powerful tool to transform their shots with a single click.

Wedding Lightroom presets provide many aesthetic options to suit every couple’s unique story. From soft vintage tones to vibrant modern color grading, wedding Lightroom presets ensure that every moment is captured in its most flattering light. Not to mention, presets streamline your editing process so you can get your finished photos back to your clients faster. In this guide, we’re discussing the five best Lightroom wedding presets from around the web to ease your workflow and set your images apart.

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Photo Editing Styles

6 Different Photo Editing Styles to Try

There are virtually unlimited different ways to edit a photo these days, and it has never been easier to try new photo editing styles. Getting outside of your comfort zone and trying different editing styles is one of the best ways to improve your images and find new ways to edit your photos effectively. Whether you’re an experienced photographer who needs a creative reboot or someone still learning how to edit their photos, this guide will help you explore various editing styles for your photos in ON1 Photo RAW.

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