January 29, 2022 | 4452 Views | By Patrick Smith

5 Simple Ways to Get the Best Photo Effects

ON1 Effects 2022 is a complete stylizing tool for your photos and includes the best photo effects available today. Choose from 31 professional-grade effects that offer endless possibilities for finishing your photos. Combine any effect by stacking, masking, and blending options. In addition, you get hundreds of borders and textures; and a set of local adjustment tools for applying tone and color options to your images. With ON1 Effects, you will never need another photo editing software for using effects. You can even create multi-layered composites with Effects’ Layers feature. And to help get you started, Effects comes with more than 100 built-in presets, and you can save and apply your own presets with the click of a button.

ON1 Effects 2022 works as a standalone app or plugin for Photoshop, plugin for Lightroom Classic CC, plugin for Affinity Photo, plugin for Capture One, Corel PaintShop Pro, and plugin for Apple Photos.

If you use Effects as a standalone app, you have complete re-editability of your original files, regardless of their format. In addition, when you’re using ON1 Effects as a plugin for Lightroom, a plugin for Photoshop, or a plugin for Apple Photos, you have the option of having your work saved so that it is re-editable in ON1 Effects at a later time.

Now that you know all about ON1 Effects, here are 5 simples ways to get the best photo effects. Your photos will immediately standout from the crowd!

1. Instead of searching tirelessly on Google for that specific look, style, or effect for your photos. Open your photo (or photos) in ON1 Effects. Once your image is loaded, choose either the Filter or Preset tab, and it displays all of the 31 filters and hundreds of built-in presets. Want to see what any filter or preset looks like on your photo? Choose the Quick View Browser (the icon is just above the blue arrow in the screenshot below). It previews your photo with the styles applied and you can adjust the size of the thumbnail previews. Once you have a look in mind, click the thumbnail and it applies that setting to your photo.

ON1 Effects Quick View Browser - Best Photo Effects

2. The Opacity Slider is your friend. In any photo effects app out there today, most effects need some adjusting. This slider is the simplest way to back off or increase the desired result. In this example, nudging down the Opacity of this Color Film look was the easiest solution.

ON1 Effects Opacity Slider

3. The most powerful features in ON1 Effects for getting the best photo effects are the masking and blending capabilities. The ability to selectively how and where your effects are applied will elevate your photo editing results. Every filter in Effects, every adjustment panel in the Local tab, and every layer can be masked or blended. This also gives a compelling and creative way for making your photos come to life.

ON1 Effects Blend Modes   ON1 Effects Masking the Best Effects

4. One effect may not always work, so the ability to stack multiple filters can also be powerful for getting the best overall effects. Filters are the building blocks of the ON1 Effects editing power. Think of each filter like a movable, editable layer on top of the photo. Use the masking tools to apply a filter to part of an image and change the filter’s blending mode (and Opacity) to alter how the filter interacts with filters above and below it in the stack. The photo below is an excellent example. Look how the saturation was increased in the piece of fruit, and the rest of the color in the photo was dialed back with a black and white preset.

ON1 Effects Stack the Best Photo Effects

5. Saving your own presets is a great way to keep the best effects quickly accessible. Especially if you find yourself using the same filters and adjusting the same settings in the stack, this will also help keep your look or style consistent. As you get used to using ON1 Effects you can save your presets into your own category. This allows you to get to those favorite effects in an instant. Instead of searching the internet for the best photo effects, you have them all at your fingertips with ON1 Effects. The possibilities are endless!


To get the best photo effects, try it yourself. ON1 Effects is available as a 14-day trial.