Free Presets for Apple® Aperture®

Jacob Lucas Everyday Inspiration Presets for Apple Aperture

This collection of presets from Seattle photographer, Jacob Lucas, can be applied to any image from an urban scene, to street photography, to vibrant landscapes. Included are some of Jacob's personal favorites (or as the native Australian spelled it "favourites"), such as Flashes of Gold for sunrise or sunset images during golden hour, and High Key City for street photography. They can also be used as a starting point for creative inspiration. Learn more about Jacob and find more presets he has available at

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Perfect Presets for Apple Aperture

Speed up your workflow with these professionally developed presets designed specifically for Apple Aperture 3. Use Perfect Presets for Apple Aperture to enhance and stylize your images. Twenty-one presets are included to help you correct color or tone, add creative effects, and much more. Apply these presets to your images as they are or use them as a starting point to inspire your own creative process.

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