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Sharing, Filtering and Searching

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Sharing, Filtering and Searching

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We’re going to cover all three—searching, filtering, and sharing—on your devices in this lesson.

ON1 Cloud Sync Mobile WorkflowFree Preview

Matt Kloskowski’s ON1 Photo RAW and Cloud Sync course tells you exactly what is, and almost just as important what it is not.  From there, he’ll dive into the nitty gritty, how to setup on you computer, phone and tablet. Then cover real-world scenarios for using this awesome new photography technology. Ask Questions & Discuss →

The What, How and Why of ON1 Cloud Sync

ON1 Photo RAW Cloud Sync is a way for you to have access to your favorite photos wherever you are, on whatever device you happen to be using.

The Basics of Setting Up

Let’s take a quick look at how to get this set up on your computer. From there, you can add your devices—your phones, your tablets, etc.

Workflow Overview

Before we dive into the actual process of syncing and moving back and forth between different de- vices, I just want to break apart what you’ll see in the next few videos. We’ve got a couple different scenarios where we’d want to do all this…

Basic Sync from Desktop or Laptop

Let’s do our very first syncing operation.

Adding and Syncing with Photos on Your Devices

Here, we’re going to talk about merging two different worlds twice. First, we have the world of our desktop computer and drives. Then, we have the world of our devices. So you might want to take photos from your desktop and do something with them over on your devices. You also might want to bring...

Editing on the Tablet or Phone

Let’s take a look at some editing controls that you can use on the go on your devices. Once you have synced some photos to your devices, you have access to most of the ON1 editing controls on those devices in case you wanted to do some work on the go.

Sharing, Filtering and Searching

We’re going to cover all three—searching, filtering, and sharing—on your devices in this lesson.

Using the Camera

The camera is part of ON1 Cloud Sync. I’m on my phone for this one.

A Traveling Workflow

Here, we’re going to talk about a mobile-only workflow. By that I mean, you go on a trip and you don’t want to bring a laptop, so you only bring a tablet.

Download the course assets and watch the videos offline. Depending on your internet speed you may need to download one at a time. Learn on-the-go without worrying about your internet connection. This content is yours to have and keep forever.

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