Photo Restoration by Jonny Davenport. How many of us have boxes of old photographs that have seen better days? This guide is meant to be a quick overview of tools and techniques for easily restoring photographs that may have fading, spots, rips surface flaws that have occurred through the years.

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About the Author

Jonny has been making photographs now for over 30 years and has worked all over the photo industry in various facets: from his first job in a photo lab, to starting his own custom darkroom business. He also co-founded a studio & gallery where his sole mission was to turn people onto the art of photography. In 2014, he was a closing speaker for Creative Live’s PhotoWeek. His photographs have been exhibited in both group and solo shows in galleries and museums around the country. Jonny has been working for ON1 for over a decade creating film looks and presets under the JonnyStyle moniker. You’ll find him frequently shooting with one of his vintage Polaroid cameras in Portland, Oregon, ‘sharing the love’ for the instant print. Connect with Jonny on social media @jonnydavenport