Optimize your photos in the Develop module of ON1 Photo RAW 2018. Take a deeper dive into the Develop module and learn more about: the color pane, detail and sharpening, noise reduction, lens correction, cropping and leveling, and how to recover shadows and highlights easily.

Learn the ins and outs of adjusting white balance, white and black points, adjusting exposure, and everything you need to know about the highlight, mid-tone, and shadow sliders. Also find out how to apply noise reduction and sharpen your photo through the detail pane. Fix issues with tone and color by looking at overall exposure of the scene. Levels will show you the histogram. You can use the histogram, or the sliders below, to recover your shadows and highlights.
Lens correction can easily detect your lens and automatically correct for lens distortion, peripheral fall off, and chromatic aberration.
Watch the first Getting Started video for the Develop module as a great introduction into this video.