First an apology for the technical difficulties we had with the live Q&A session today. Comcast had an internet service problem in my studio’s neighborhood that struck 10 minutes before the broadcast. Murphy’s law in full force. For those of you who stuck it out THANK YOU. For those who couldn’t make it or understandably dropped out, I have good news for you.

We recorded the Q&A and I took some time afterwards today to repair the parts that suffered from the internet problem. Even those who watched the Q&A may find this valuable. The example images should be synced right up with the audio and there will be no gaps.
Thanks to Diana (Matt’s amazing wife) who did such a great job moderating. Without you we would never have made it through the technical issues we faced. I was unable to eliminate the echo that Diana had at the start of the video, but it fades away completely part way through.