Easily enhance your firework photos using ON1 Photo RAW 2018. By adding in contrast to your photo you will help to separate your fireworks from your background. Be careful when overdoing exposure because your firework highlights can get blown out quickly. I would recommend using basic tonal adjustments on fireworks photos because it may seem unnatural if you make bright and vibrant changes. Once you’ve set your tone and brought back some of the color into your firework explosions, take your photo into effects to start making creative adjustments. A great effect to use on fireworks is Dynamic Contrast because it helps to bring back some detail in your explosions and light trails. If you have distractions in your photo like people or objects, quickly subdue them by using a vignette.

1. Tone & Color
Making basic tone & color adjustments will help bring back some of those vibrant tones in your fireworks. Add some contrast into your photo if you feel like your foreground subject is too flat against your background. Adjust the temperature to bring back cool and warm colors into your photo.
2. Dynamic Contrast
Dynamic Contrast is a great tool to use on fireworks because it makes them pop with detail, just as they did when they were going off in the sky. Using a luminosity mask is very helpful when all you need to mask are the bright areas of your photo and they are absolutely perfect for firework photos.
3. Vignette
Vignettes usually help to attract the viewers eye to a particular area on a photo but in this case we used it to subdue some unwanted silhouettes in our image. Remember that all the filters are maskable and blend-able so don’t be scared to brush out part of an effect or local adjustment if needed.