Hey everyone, welcome to the second episode of our Edit Explorer series! In Edit Explorer, we dive deep into submitted photo edits, offering constructive feedback and valuable tips that can enhance your photo editing workflows and techniques. If you’re a member of ON1 Plus, you can submit your edited photos along with sidecar files for review. Today, we’ve randomly selected three submissions from the community to discuss editing techniques and inject new life into these images.

Photo #1 Seascape and Rocks:

Common issue: Applying detail and texture (i.e. Dynamic Contrast) to the entire photograph can make the image busy and create distractions in areas that should be soft.

Recommendation: Selectively apply the detail to specific areas either using AI masking such as Super Select AI (K) or manually with the masking brush (B) or the masking bug (M).

Photo #2 Elephant Scenery:

Common issue: Bright foregrounds can be distracting especially if the subject is darker and has more contrast.

Recommendation: Darken bright, distracting foregrounds with a local adjustment or by adding in contrast with a filter.

Photo #3 Church Interior: 

Common issue: Removing the highlights from entirety of the image sometimes makes the image appear flat, too much removal can create a dull look – especially when paired with boosting shadow tones.

Recommendation: Remove highlights selectively with a local adjustment.

Thanks to everyone that submitted their images! Submit to the next Edit Explorer here —›