Sunsets and sunrises are some of the most common natural occurrences captured on camera – and for a good reason – they’re incredibly beautiful and usually pretty easy to photograph! However, one thing that can be tough with sunrises and sunsets is editing them! Often you’re dealing with bright light, backlit subjects, and intense colors – all of which can be difficult to adjust. That’s where ON1 Photo RAW comes in – Photo RAW makes it incredibly easy to modify and style your dawn and dusk photographs. So let’s quickly jump into Photo Raw, and I’ll show you three tips for creating stunning sunrises and sunsets.

Tip #1 deals with modifying and adjusting exposure in your foreground and background separately – this way you can achieve a balance of exposure across your scene without blowing out your sky. 

Tip #2 deals with correcting color by masking it into areas that have unwanted color tints.

Tip #3 deals with foreground subjects that are backlit and silhouetted by the bright sun light – we’ll show how to use a luminosity mask to target those darker foreground subjects and enhance tone and detail.