About the ON1 Photo RAW Project

The ON1 Photo RAW Project gives you the chance to be a part of what we're developing at ON1. You have a voice in the future of photo editing. Your ideas will help us deliver the best available apps for photography, give us insight into what's most important, and help spark innovation.

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Share your ideas for new Photo RAW features. Make sure you write a convincing description. Remember, people won't be able to give an idea a high rating unless they understand the idea completely.

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With supporters, your ideas will get higher ratings. In fact, tell everyone you know to support your idea. The more ratings an idea gets, the more likely it will be sent to our product development team.

ON1 Will Review It

After an idea reaches 200 ratings with a 3-star or higher rating, the project team will review the details and begin asking questions. We can't put every good idea into development, but we'll try!

ON1 Photo RAW Ideas

Dave Tucker has not created his description yet
  • In reply to: Printing

    ideal for test prints is the ability to move the image about (a la PS print) so you can use…

  • In reply to: font scaling

    my wife would agree 100% – she sometimes has difficulty seeing the words on the screen

  • yes please – very useful

  • Yup – it has caught me out and the wife finds it is distracting and not very useful either

  • you can get around this with local adjustments and use the bug tool.

  • LR has a better module whereby you put in the maximum HxW (eg 1400×1050) and depending on the image…

  • In reply to: Image file size

    Hi – has there been any thoughts on this as having the dimensions in cm/inches/pixels choice would be a godsend…

  • The ability to resize a canvas on any given side to allow cloning or fill would be really useful

  • Also – in LR on export – I can specify the file size say 1400 x 1050 pixels and the…

  • In reply to: file size

    resizing similar to LR where you can states the Mb and also have the ability like LR to input the…

  • In reply to: quick selection tool

    David – thanks for the comment – there is not one as good as PS I’m afraid. Nor is there…

  • In reply to: image size display

    I agree it would be nice to have both, but just in case they can only do one I…

  • def a must for me

  • tiff with layers would be a great option

  • In reply to: quick selection tool

    after a year of using On1 – this is the most important add-on that I need for my workflow and…

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