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the crop tool – Suggestions to improve its overall usefulness

When I want to crop a photo and try that typing the desired values for the new size into the W an H boxes, these settings will then be static; they don´t show the new size, but the new aspect ratio. So, if I chose a different aspect ratio, let´s say 4000×3000 instead of the original 3000×2000 and hit apply, then, yes, the image will be cropped – but only to the new ratio. When I open the crop box again, the new dimension ratio (not the new size!) will be shown again, and (while keeping the shift button down) when I then start to pull on the edges of the box I will really crop the image to the size I wanted, while the aspect ratio still stays on the before chosen 4000×3000.
I could very well live with that, if, if only ON1 were able to show me in advance, while still working with the crop tool, the new size the photo will have after export. Lightroom can do that, and it would be a great help if ON1 could do the same.
At the moment at least I can´t find a way to consistently arrive at the same size of a photo, let alone several photos of the same bunch, for example a serious of birds in flight. It´s a real nuisance when all the exported photos in such a serious have a (perhaps only slight, but visible) difference in size!

2 comments on “the crop tool – Suggestions to improve its overall usefulness”

  1. On January 31, 2019 at 12:59 pm Luca Fontana wrote:

    I would suggest a string in the info box with the current size of the image.
    The resolution of the photo should update dynamically when they are in the crop function.
    In the all version of LR this information is available.

  2. On June 25, 2019 at 1:09 am Eilif wrote:

    Really need to know the size or the current crop.
    Image info panel should have a new “crop” field under the Dimension field so we can see the before/after sizes.

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