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Send to – improve workflow to re-import photo once image is edited

I use external editors/plugins that do not have integration with On1.  I would like ON1 to have an improved workflow when using the edit in> function so that the edited file from the external editor/plugin gets automatically imported into my ON1 catalog.  For example, I use Luminar to edit photos (not Photoshop) and when I edit the file in Luminar by using the Edit in> and open up Luminar, the edited file doesn’t appear in my ON1 catalog and I must manually find the file and move it to a folder in my ON1 catalog.

6 comments on “Send to – improve workflow to re-import photo once image is edited”

  1. On November 15, 2017 at 2:28 am Paul Bataille wrote:

    I’m afraid I don’t get what you mean exactly. When you use ‘Send to’ (that’s what it’s called in ON1, isn’t it?), you get an option to edit the original or make a copy, which is then placed in the same directory, hence immediately accesible in ON1.

    Or am I missing something?

  2. On November 15, 2017 at 3:09 am Andre Fortier wrote:

    With some plugins, the send to does exactly what you state, it places the resulting file in the same directory.

    With some other plugins/editors, like Luminar for example, it doesn’t. If I exit the 3rd plugin without saving, the edit I did in that plugin are lost and On1 detects the file, yes, however it is exactly the same as the file I started with.

    If I select the save function from the 3rd party plugin then I get prompted for the location to save the file to and the default folder is desktop.

    You could test this using the Luminar plugin. There is no way to exit Luminar when called from On1 and have the file saved in the originating folder.

    So I’m looking for a workflow for those 3rd party plugins that don’t have the ability to save the edit file in the original folder so that I can more easily re-integrate the file in the originating folder by moving it within On1 Photo Raw.

  3. On November 22, 2017 at 7:11 am Paul Bataille wrote:

    Ah, I think I get it now. Using ‘Send to’ you can open the image in another application, but that other application it is not a plug in in the sense that edits are automatically stored. For that you would need plug-in integration indeed. That would mean that ON1 and Luminar should work together to integrate further.

    As long as that is not the case it’s only logical that your edits are lost if you exit without saving. You’ll have to work around it for now and always save before exiting, I guess. Doesn’t Luminar ask you if you want to save when you try to exit and haven’t saved first? And isn’t there an option in Luminar to have the edits saved and the file stored in a location of choice? There should be a ‘Save as’ command in the file menu, or perhaps a Preferences-dialog where you could choose the location to save.

    Just my two cents… Good luck anyway.


  4. On November 22, 2017 at 7:32 am Andre Fortier wrote:

    Yes, Luminar has a Save As function when exiting, however, it defaults to save to the desktop, as a result, I must navigate to the location of the file and most of the time, I select an image from my library of over 520,000 images and I didn’t memorize the exact location of the image as I usually drill down my file menu so it’s a fair bit of work to find out where the original file location is, as a result, I find the editing a lot more tedious than I’d like.

    The edit in function works well with Photoshop, when I exit Photoshop, the file is automatically saved in the originating file’s folder so I’d like to have that same functionality with Luminar. My intention is to replace Photoshop with Luminar as I don’t want to have a subscription base with Adobe, neither with Photoshop nor with Photoshop Lightroom, so I am looking at replacing these.

  5. On November 22, 2017 at 11:27 am Andre Fortier wrote:

    I have the same issue with Affinity Photo. It’s actually Affinity Photo that I want to replace with Photoshop. I like some of the filters/effects in Luminar although Affinity Photo has more power for fine tuning edits like Photoshop.

    So when I exit Affinity Photo, I’m left to move my edited file to the source folder. I’d prefer if there was a way to have this better integrated so that I don’t need to move files around.

  6. On January 16, 2018 at 1:37 pm Dan Harlacher wrote:

    When you use the Send to command it creates a copy (or opens the original, your choice) in the same folder as the original and then sends it to the third-party application. As long as you simply save and close the photo it works as you mention. However if in the third-pary application you use the Save As command and create another photo in a different location, we don’t know anything about it. In those cases you would have to move the photo to a cataloged folder or simply browse to it. There isn’t a way for us to know that another application has created a new file in a new location.

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