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Provide unrated filter in browse

I use the star system to rate my photos in lightroom and On1.  Lightroom has a filter of unrated.  After I’ve rated everything I can then select unrated and

delete all of the unrated pictures.

In On1 I have to start my rating at 2 stars and then filter for less than or equal to 1 star.  I basically lose the one star rating.


Please provide unrated as an option in the browse filter.


One comment on “Provide unrated filter in browse”

  1. On November 20, 2018 at 10:28 pm Arnfinn Nilsen wrote:

    +1 For me this is a must, as I like to rate my images in stages where I only do a fast and brief rating on some of my images. Please bring us the UNRATED BROWSE FILTER…

    (That was a feature of Bibble Pro/Aftershot also…)

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