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Multithreaded export / command line version of ON1RAW

Exporting images from ON1 is quite slow and blocks the program completely.

As a reasonable easy to implement solution I, I suggest to create some kind of temporary “batch file” with all the export recopies in it, once export is launched. That batchfile is then sent to a different instance of the ON1 program (which does not show the complete UI, just the progress) to process all the images, while the user can continue to work.

Due to the approach with the “batch file” it would be even possible to modify the settings of images which are about to be processed.

This suggestion should be much easier to be implemented than a full threaded export with all the file locking which would be required.

The export application can be the regular ON1 program or, better, a simplified one, which just does processing without UI. Such a UI less version could be also a unique tool for other needs, such as script controlled export of images if it would just understand a minimum of command line parameters.


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