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Metadata Tokens in the new Text-tool (and make presets available with export tool)

I really like the new text tool and I can see a lot of potential to simplify a big part of my workflow in the future.

I would love to be able to print certain metadata (both EXIF and IPTC)  onto my images before I export them. For example, print the elevation/depth field onto my scubadiving images. Or to print the title and discription onto some images of plants.

Since all of this information is already embedded in the image metadata, I would love to simply create a preset and export a bunch of images at the same time.

One comment on “Metadata Tokens in the new Text-tool (and make presets available with export tool)”

  1. On November 29, 2018 at 5:02 pm ramesh ramchand wrote:

    The capability to insert presets as part of an export process would be great. Very often these preset applications need not be stored in the sidecar but are merely used, in say, a one-off single/batch export e.g. a LUT, or a border, or a caption/text. For the last, the ability to output metadata (EXIF/IPTC) information as text, would be great e.g. camera settings, location, GPS coordinates, captions etc.

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