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B&W gradient map and LUT


When i look tutorials of Jim and Blake, photoshop gradient map seems a awesome tool for black and white.

LUT is a tool we see everywhere now.

Can you implement these two tools in ON1 effects ?

note : gradient map and zone system integration in ON would provide the best b&w product on the market

kind regards



6 comments on “B&W gradient map and LUT”

  1. On February 10, 2018 at 5:27 am Andreas Wollschlaeger wrote:

    High five from my side.
    ON1 is my main editor but I jump to PS from time to time. As I don’t like Adobe’s new license model I’m still stuck with CS5. I admit that I’m lurking around CC mainly because of the LUT feature.
    Please save me the recurring bills from Adobe and implement LUT in ON1 :-)

  2. On February 12, 2018 at 11:30 am Dirk Verschueren wrote:

    now i use Luminar for this feature and it would be great to be able to stay 100% within Photo raw.

  3. On February 16, 2018 at 2:54 pm Arnfinn Nilsen wrote:

    This is not just for B&W images, but also for all kinds of coloration of all kinds of images.

    I find Duotones very limiting for what I want to do with some of my images. Photoshops Gradient Map tool is a much better choice and truly where a whole new world of oportunities is opening up. The fact that you can assign different colors to different parts of the luminosity scale, and also save a library of gradients makes this tool so awesome in Photoshop. I have done a similar thing in AfterShot Pro earlier where I have black (or another dark color) for black and a strong color for midtones and a light color for highlights. The result is a very rich and vibrant version of a duotone.
    This is duotone images on stereoids for sure.

    A good description of how this works can be found at 6:00 in this video.
    “Gradients vs Gradient Maps” – f64 Academy | Blake Rudis

    I’m all in for ON1 now. It has become a real workhorse of a tool, but I would really like if you could make a great Gradient Map tool as well. I really need it, so… Please, Please… ;)

  4. On February 17, 2018 at 7:45 am Arnfinn Nilsen wrote:

    This video shows even better the artistic level of control you get with the Gradient Map. It’s really cool, and I wish that this will be the next addition to the ON1 effects….

    How to Color Tone Using Gradient Maps | PHLEARN

    Just watch the video and you would want this yesterday inside ON1 too… :)

  5. On February 25, 2018 at 6:40 pm Alan Smallbone wrote:

    I would love to have gradient mapping and LUTs this would make On1 Photo Raw sooooo much better. I sure hope they pay attention to this, should not be that difficult for them to implement.


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