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Apple Aperture Managed Libraries Conversion Feature for On1 RAW

I would like to recommend that On 1 create a conversion feature in On1 RAW, similar to what Lightroom has, that would convert Aperture Managed Libraries to formats that could be used with On 1 RAW and other programs (.PSD/.TIFF/.JPEG), and retaining the Aperture catalog structure resident in existing user libraries.

I have used On 1 software since version 7 (Perfect Photo), and have used On 1 as an Aperture plug-in up to version 10.5…and still use it occasionally for convenience, but mostly I use On 1 RAW 2018. To use On 1 RAW, I export individual photo files to my desktop and open them in On 1 for editing.  I save the files to the desktop and import them back into Aperture.  This is a bit cumbersome and time consuming.  With the ability to convert Aperture libraries in On 1, it would greatly simplify the editing and archiving processes, and perhaps encourage more Aperture hold-outs who do not want to use the unsophisticated Apple Photos, or unintuitive and difficult to learn, Lightroom.

There are a number of Apple Aperture users who are stuck with large Aperture Managed Libraries, who have not converted to other formats and continue to use Aperture.  There will come a point in time when we will have to upgrade our operating systems to enable use of newer software which will render Aperture useless.  Heretofore, we hold-outs have not upgraded our operating systems and continue to use Aperture for a number of reasons as stated further in this communication.  Some have mistakenly upgraded to more current versions of OS-X, only to render Aperture and Aperture Managed Libraries…useless.

I have recently read a number photography blogs regarding the reluctance of Aperture users to convert their Aperture Libraries to .JPEG/.TIFF/.PSD formats, or to utilize the primitive Apple Photos, or even to allow Lightroom to convert their libraries for a number of reasons as follows;

  1.  .JPEG/.TIFF – for large Aperture Libraries = this process is very time consuming and complicated.
  2. Apple Photos – The catalog and edit functions are very unsophisticated and lack the features of Aperture, and even LR.
  3. Lightroom – Although LR is a sophisticated catalog/editing program, it is unintuitive and difficult to learn,  Also, with Adobe moving to subscription services, many, including myself are not interested in paying monthly fees.

I have been an On 1 Plus member since the programs inception, and enjoy using On 1 software as my primary photo editing software.  I do use other editing software as well.  I have 15 Aperture libraries with 4+TB’s of photos.  Adding the conversion feature to On 1 would certainly help me and other hold-outs in reducing the time spent on our current convoluted workflow processes.  It may also encourage increased sales off On1 software.

Thank you for your consideration of this recommendation.



David Rowe





9 comments on “Apple Aperture Managed Libraries Conversion Feature for On1 RAW”

  1. On January 21, 2018 at 2:12 am Jaime wrote:

    I have about 4TB of Aperture Managed Library files and yet to figure out how to conveniently “extract” them to the ON1 world. All of my editing since 2002 is trapped in Aperture and I certainly don’t want to use Adobes facility to force me to their world. I’m on a path to make ON1 the center of my photography universe and don’t want to leave behind 15 years of memories. I want to live in the world of “ON1 & Done”

    1. On January 22, 2018 at 6:21 pm Julie Foehrenbach replied:

      I agree wholeheartedly. I have thousands of photos in Aperture and am trying to transition to On1 as my primary standalone digital darkroom.

  2. On January 25, 2018 at 4:06 pm James Stripe wrote:

    This would benefit me as well. I still maintain a large Aperture Managed Library. Even if it meant some lost edits that would still be acceptable to me to import the 10,000 photos.

  3. On January 29, 2018 at 8:06 am sandy wrote:

    Having a way to import Aperture managed libraries into ON1 would mean I could finally leave Aperture behind and benefit from the huge support from ON1 training. I won’t be using Lightroom as I find ON1 Raw easier to use.

  4. On August 2, 2018 at 1:35 pm Susan Moore wrote:

    I’m in the same situation as all of the above. Please come up with a way to import Aperture managed libraries.

  5. On August 20, 2018 at 8:53 am stan.rosenberg wrote:

    Yes, I concurr, I’ve used Aperture since it’s earliest days and was so dismayed when Apple stopped supporting it in favour of the very basic iPhoto and then Photos apps. Have continued using Aperture and this Spring/Summer been moving into ON1 much preferring it to Adobe BUT, BUT, BUT I’m really still stuck into using Aperture as my DAM and figuring out what to do with the many photos enhanced in Aperture but which lose all my work if exported unless in .tiff. Identifying all the photos I’ve developed in Aperture would be massively time consuming and exporting all as .tiff (more than 25k photos) simply silly. Any other options?

  6. On September 11, 2018 at 2:15 pm David Dwight wrote:

    One more vote for getting this done. Maybe Apple would sell or license some of the key code from Aperture which might make this easier?? There has to be a lot of users you could capture with this feature because they don’t want to go to LR and don’t find Photos to be enough.

  7. On February 17, 2019 at 10:57 am Paul Williams wrote:

    Another vote to make an aperture conversion pathway. I have 1.5TB of photos in folders and tagged that need to be converted for use in ON1 Photo Raw 2019.

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